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All about 3D printer nozzles (III): Jams in the nozzle

The main causes that cause a jam in the extruder are the use of low quality materials, impurities lodged in the filament due to poor storage or use in temperatures outside the range recommended by the manufacturer. To solve jams in the nozzle we recommend using this methods.
Tips  mar 27, 2019

All about 3D printer nozzles (II): When to change the nozzle

The nozzle of a 3D printer, like any element that is in contact (friction) with another material, presents a wear with the use, which varies depending on the material of the nozzle and the type of filament used. Know how to detect that the wear is accused and it is necessary to replace the nozzle.
Tips  mar 21, 2019

All about 3D printer nozzles (I): Classification and recommendations

One of the big doubts that arise to users of 3D printing is what are the differences between the different types of nozzles available in the market, which ones to use on each occasion, and what use and maintenance tips should be considered. Discover the main characteristics by which nozzles are classified and recommendations to choose the best nozzle according to your needs.
Tips  mar 13, 2019   16

How to get started in 3D printing

The main question that a user must do when it comes to getting started in 3D printing is: What use will the 3D printer have? This first question is easy to answer, since each user should be clear if he needs the 3D printer for professional or domestic use.
Tips  mar 6, 2019

Ideas for reusing empty filament coils

Once a person starts in the world of 3D FDM printing, begins to try and consume filament coils encounters a problem, what to do with all those empty coils.
Tips  feb 19, 2019   4

We were in the IX Lacon Network

Last Thursday 7 and Friday 8 we were present at the IX annual edition of Lacon Network in A Coruña, along with several of the leading new companies in the technology sector of Galicia, exposing the potential of 3D printing and our latest developments in materials and printers .
News  feb 11, 2019


PETG and ABS belong to the group of the most consumed materials in the field of 3D printing FDM / FFF, the first for its balance between strength and ease of printing and the second for its great use in the world of the industry since years. The ASA is attracting more and more consumers, above all those who need a high mechanical and environmental resistance.
Materials  feb 4, 2019


The PLA and the PETG are two of the most common materials in the world of 3D printing thanks to its ease of printing, good results and wide range of colors.
Materials  ene 23, 2019   6
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