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Raft, Skirt and Brim. When to use each and how to configure them

This post is about the Raft, Skirt and Brim elements, which are three additional elements of the part that can be configured during lamination and are generated automatically.
News  ene 4, 2023

Infill patterns in SLS

SLS 3D prints do not require fillers or supports. However, the heat build-up inside large parts can cause drastic shrinkage during cooling. Therefore, SLS prints are very often printed hollow, where the wall thickness of the part will define its strength. If a hollow part does not meet the mechanical requirements, a filler can be added to an SLS part at the design stage.
News  dic 21, 2022

Sinterit printer maintenance

To ensure optimum performance of Sinterit printers, the protective glass of the laser and pyrometer, the recoater guide, the linear bearing and the space under the cylinders must be cleaned regularly. It is also crucial to replace the short infrared heater and the short recoater cord on a regular basis, as well as the insulation of the printing and feeding bases.
News  dic 7, 2022

Materials for SLS. Use and conservation

There are three basic rules for the correct storage of SLS powder. Firstly, contamination of the powder and the feed and print beds with other powders must be avoided. Secondly, SLS powder must be kept in dry conditions and dried immediately if it absorbs moisture. Finally, SLS powder must be "refreshed" from time to time, especially with long printing sessions.
News  nov 30, 2022

How to maintain the biocompatibility of a material when processing it

There are numerous certified biocompatible 3D printing materials, especially resins, available on the market. But the certified biocompatibility of a material does not mean a 3D printed piece will have the same properties. To ensure certified biocompatibility of the end product, contamination must be avoided by using specialized equipment, and the adequate certifications must be obtained the manufacturer.
News  nov 14, 2022

3D printing technologies in education, fundamentals and advantages of each one.

Printing 3D models develops skills that involve students in the process, getting them to adapt to change and to solve mistakes. In this way, learning is not only based on observation, but learning by printing files that you create yourself. There are different types of 3D printing technologies and depending on the needs of the students, some will be more suitable than others.
News  nov 2, 2022

Extrusion systems. Adjustments and maintenance.

The extruder is the element responsible for pulling the filament into the hotend in such a way that sufficient pressure is generated inside the hotend so that the molten material flows constantly and homogeneously through the nozzle. This post shows the different types of extrusion as well as how to correctly adjust and maintain the extrusion system to avoid problems.
News  oct 26, 2022

Positioning in SLS 3D printing

In SLS 3D printing, the position of the part influences the quality of the part. For best results, completely overlapping layers with large interconnected surfaces should be avoided. Openings and details should be oriented upwards, moving parts in the XY plane, flat surfaces and solid blocks at 45° in all axes to avoid heat build-up.
News  oct 19, 2022
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