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Mindtech 2019

During September 10, 11 and 12, Filament2print was present at stand 202 at the international Mindtech fair, a benchmark in the industrial sector of the Iberian Pole, sharing a pavilion with other leading companies in the industrial sector both nationally and internationally, and which has received more than 21,000 visitors during the 3 days.
News  sep 13, 2019

What laser cutting contributes to 3D printing

3D printing is already in the mouth of everyone and the vast majority of people are generally aware of the advantages it brings, both in the daily life of a particular user and a professional user, but what is not so well known is that there are machines that can complement this technology. In this case we will talk about laser cutters.
Tips  ago 6, 2019   2

How to paste 3D printing pieces

Users of a 3D printer always aspire to make increasingly complex and larger pieces, but often they are limited, not by their knowledge, but by their 3D printer or the incompatibility of making a piece in one part. The simplest and most economical solution is to make a piece in parts and then paste them.
Tips  jul 10, 2019

3D printing applications for medicine

Medicine has evolved greatly and quickly, when performing certain generic operations but there are still risks in interventions where the patient has a problem that needs delicate surgery. Currently the previous problem is decreasing thanks to 3D printing
News  jun 17, 2019

Memories of 3D printing FDM

Since the RepRap and Open Source movement was born in 2005 with the appearance of Dr. Adrian Bowyer's 3D FDM printer, which could be built by itself almost entirely, this sector has evolved a lot to this day. In this article we will talk about 3D printers and components that were key at the time to achieve successful parts.
News  may 22, 2019   2

What are the professions and sectors that most use 3D printing?

Technologically speaking, 3D printers are among the most advanced and futuristic devices that we currently have. As access to these equipments is becoming easier and cheaper, there are various areas and sectors that are betting on this technology.
News  may 3, 2019   9

Manufacture by 3D printing of metallic pieces in lost wax vs DMLS

The world of manufacturing prototypes in metal alloys and small series manufacturing has advanced a lot thanks to 3D printing technology. However, there are some traditional techniques that have not disappeared, but evolved.
News  abr 23, 2019   2

New launches of Formlabs: Form 3 and Form 3L

The famous brand of 3D printers SLA, Formlabs, has revolutionized the world of 3D printing by launching its 3D resin printers, Form 3 and Form 3L, with an optimized manufacturing technology.
News  abr 9, 2019   1
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