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What is PETG?

PETG is the most famous and used copolymer in the world of 3D printing. Its appearance is due to the combination of PET with glycol, improving the interesting properties of PET with a glycolization process.
Materials  ene 16, 2019   18

3D printing trends for 2019

We have just inaugurated the 2019 calendar, and for this reason we would like to expose the main trends that, from our point of view, will be common in 3D FDM printing.
News  ene 2, 2019   1

5 reference books on 3D printing

We recommend those that, for us, are 5 key books about 3D printing. Valid for all types of users, from beginners to experts.
News  dic 17, 2018

Personalize Christmas decor with 3D printing

Christmas is about to arrive and with it the opportunity to get 3D printers the most fun and entertaining part, the creation of personalized ornaments and gifts.
News  dic 4, 2018

Humidity: The great enemy of the filaments for 3D printing

To have maximum reliability at the time of printing it is vital to have the maximum number of possible controlled variables, and humidity is one of them to ensure maximum robustness in the printing process.
Tips  nov 21, 2018   9

Color range of PLA Premium and CPE and its RAL and Pantone equivalence

The theory of color is a group of basic rules in the mixture of colors to achieve the desired effect by combining pigments. By combining 4 basic pigments you can achieve all the colors of the chromatic range. This, which a priori seems very simple, is an art in the press and, led to 3D printing, is still more complex.
Materials  oct 23, 2018   1

What is the ASA in 3D printing?

The ASA is an amorphous thermoplastic terpolymer material similar to ABS created in 1970 by the manufacturer BASF under the trade name Luran S. The difference between these two materials at the structural level is that the ASA uses an acrylic elastomer and the ABS an elastomer of butadiene.
Materials  oct 9, 2018   2

Basic tools for maintaining the 3D printer

In the world of 3D printing there is an aspect that is not mentioned very often and that is of vital importance: having the basic tools for the maintenance of the 3D printer.
Tips  sep 20, 2018   1
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