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Resin types and properties

With the appearance of new types of resin for 3D printing, specific applications arise that require the use of specific materials. In sectors such as dental, engineering or jewellery, we must pay attention to the specific properties of the resin in order to make the correct selection.
Materials  feb 8, 2023

3D printing with supports

In order to be able to print in 3D FFF each layer on top of the previous one, it is usual to use printed support structures that serve as a support base for the previous elements. These structures are known as supports and in this post we will see each type, their configuration parameters and the problems that soluble supports can present.
Materials  ago 31, 2022

3D printing technologies for ESD-safe products

Electrostatic discharge is a phenomenon quite common in everyday life. While harmless to humans, ESD events can have dire consequences in environments with sensitive electronics or potentially explosive atmospheres. Discover the accessories that ensure safe discharge of electrostatic discharges.
Materials  abr 27, 2022

PLA finishes: Matte, Glossy and Silk

As 3D printing applications continue to expand beyond science, medicine and technology, new aesthetic needs and products are emerging to meet them. In this article we will discuss the different PLA finishes - matte, gloss and silk - and their applications in art, design, architecture and civil work.
Materials  mar 15, 2022

What role do flexible filaments play in the fashion industry

FDM 3D printing is of great benefit to the fashion industry. Whether for the manufacture of prototypes or tools, fabrics or shoes, this manufacturing technology offers numerous advantages such as freedom of design or the possibility of using innovative materials.
Materials  feb 18, 2022

Microfusion from 3D-printed parts with burn-out resins

The use of castable resins in the jewellery industry is a major breakthrough, saving costs and speeding up production times. This article explains the complete microfusion process using 3D printed parts with burn-out resins to replace traditional wax-cut models.
Materials  feb 7, 2022

FDM 3D Printing Success Story with Adura X

There are a multitude of materials with advanced properties, perfect for applications in sectors such as engineering. RGNT-Motorcycles has chosen Adura X filament for the manufacture of its motorbike parts, here's why.
Materials  jun 22, 2021

PPprint and the manufacture of 3D printed polypropylene parts with FDM technology

Polypropylene (PP) is one of today's most valued plastic materials, but offers certain difficulties when it comes to 3D printing. PPprint offers a range of products to optimise the process of 3D printing parts from this material.
Materials  jun 8, 2021
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