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Is your 3D printer compatible with advanced materials?

The world of 3D printing is constantly advancing and there are more and more materials on the market. Thanks to the uninterrupted development of this technology, it has born a new and advanced category of materials and 3D printers.
Tips  ago 31, 2018   1

PAEK filaments in 3D printing

We explain the characteristics and main uses of the advanced filaments PAEK, a family of semi-crystalline plastics that offer interesting industrial and commercial applications with 3D printing.
Materials  jul 27, 2018

How are FDM and SLA 3D printing technologies different?

3D printing isn't a recent technology as it seems, if not existing for many years, since 1986 when Chuck Hull, founder of 3D Systems, records the first 3D printer. This was a 3D SLA printer (StereoLithoGraphy), which uses a resin that solidifies by photopolymerization when a laser beam hits it.
Tips  may 2, 2018

Risks when printing in 3D

Every user must take into account certain risks that may occur during 3D printing. The two main sources of risk and more common are on the one hand the gases released during the fusion of the material, and on the other the possible sources of fire by misuse of the 3D printer or the poor condition of the electronics of the same.
Tips  mar 15, 2018   5

Types of 3D extruders and Hotend

The main function of the extruder is to move the filament from the reel to the HotEnd in the most precise way and at the speed suitable for 3D printing, but there are different classifications of the extruders. In this post we will analyze the main ones.
Tips  feb 28, 2018   11

What 3D printer to buy? Advice from experts

When buying a 3D printer it's necessary to take into account certain factors that can significantly affect the quality of your printing pieces. Our experts give you their opinion so you can make the best choice.
Tips  ene 23, 2018   47

What is retraction in 3D printing? Definition and adjustments

This article tries to clarify the concept of retraction in 3D printing as it's a very important parameter to achieve quality prints, without material depositions on the exterior face of the model, or threads between pieces that are printed at the same time.
Tips  ene 8, 2018   4

What is the flow of 3D printing and how to adjust it

In this article we are going to comment on what the flow is as well as the importance it has in 3D printing. In addition, it explains how to calibrate this parameter so that the 3D printer gives the best possible results.
Tips  dic 13, 2017   11
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