Raise3D introduces the DF2 Solution at Formnext

Raise3D introduces the DF2 Solution at Formnext

On November 7th, 2023, Raise3D, a provider of versatile manufacturing solutions, proudly introduced the DF2 Solution at Formnext, premier international exhibitions that showcase the latest advancements and innovations in additive manufacturing, 3D printing, and industrial production technologies. This launch represents a significant addition to Raise3D's comprehensive range of professional and industrial 3D printing technologies, marking their entry into photopolymer resin 3D printing.

Video 1: The DF2 solution by Raise3D. Source: Raise3D.

Leveraging Digital Light Printing (DLP) technology, the DF2 Solution delivers swift printing speeds, refined surfaces, exceptional precision, and robust reliability. Specifically designed for engineering prototyping, manufacturing aids, and limited-volume production, the DF2 solution accommodates a wide array of high-quality resins. With a meticulously structured workflow, it streamlines processes, reducing labor time, and optimizing resin 3D printing applications in production scenarios.

Why DLP?

After meticulous evaluations, Raise3D settled for the DLP technology due to the fact that it ensures a fine balance of accuracy, speed, stability, and longevity of the light source - factors essential in production scenarios. DLP projectors maintain consistent pixel count irrespective of print size, presenting significant advantages over LCD and SLA technologies for production.

The comparison of the various resin 3D printing technologies

Image 1: The comparison of the various resin 3D printing technologies. Source: Raise3D.

Furthermore, Raise3D recognized the potential of combined FFF and DLP 3D printing in various production applications, prompting the creation of the DF2 Solution. It facilitates prototype verification in multiple fields and streamlines small-batch production of intricately detailed components. The choice of DLP technology by Raise3D was driven by a commitment to providing unparalleled quality and speed in resin printing for production.

What makes up the DF2 solution?

The Raise3D DF2 Solution is comprised of a range of components to streamline the entire 3D printing process, including state-of-the-art 3D printing and post-processing hardware, a wide range of Raise3D as well as co-branded and third-party compatible resins, and the specialized ideaMaker laminating software optimized for DLP resin 3D printing:

The hardware and software

Raise3D DF2 3D Printer: This DLP printer ensures the production of high-resolution, smooth, and consistent parts in low volumes. Its precision is attributed to the reliable Z-Axis lifting system and efficient material handling, while features like a heated chamber, high-quality optical system, advanced Anti-Aliasing technology, and Air-Peel technology enable fast and effortless layer detachment.

The DF2 DLP resin 3D printer

Image 2: The DF2 DLP resin 3D printer. Source: Raise3D.

Raise3D DF Wash: An automated cleaning solution simplifies maintenance and offers effective cleaning through twin-turbine washing and simulated hand washing. It includes a double-fan air drying system and accommodates various cleaning agents such as alcohol, IPA, TPM, and water.

The Raise3D DF Wash and DF Cure post-processing equipment

Image 3: The Raise3D DF Wash and DF Cure post-processing equipment. Source: Raise3D.

Raise3D DF Cure: This advanced curing station features multiple UV curing and heating profiles, utilizing dual curing sources spanning multiple wavelengths (365/385/405 nm) for optimal curing efficiency.

The Raise3D Auto-Feeding Station

Image 4: The Raise3D Auto-Feeding Station. Source: Raise3D.

Raise3D Auto-Feeding Station: an automated hardware add-on for the DF2 3D printer, streamlines resin handling by utilizing ultrasonic liquid level detection and automatic dosing. Detecting resin shortages prompts automatic replenishment, while its ability to identify resin types and measure them prevents any mixing.

The Raise3D ideaMaker laminating software for DLP 3D printing

Image 5: The Raise3D ideaMaker laminating software for DLP 3D printing. Source: Raise3D.

ideaMaker software: Tailored for the DF2 Solution, the ideaMaker software streamlines the DLP printing procedure by incorporating functions such as antialiasing, automatic support, contour adjustment, suction cup detection, texture creation, and minimized Gcode size, among various other features.

The materials

Acknowledging the pivotal role of resin material advancement in enhancing 3D printing applications, Raise3D persistently invests in resin development, aiming to introduce a diverse array of innovative and advanced materials, as well as build a solid base of standard resins for the most prevalent needs. As far as the materials compatbile with the Raise3D DF2 solution, the user has 3 options.

The resins developed by Raise 3D

Image 6: The resins developed by Raise 3D. Source: Raise3D.
  1. Raise3D resins - a family of specialized resins for standard and engineering applications, for example the Standard Resin with a matte finish for prototyping and modeling applications, the Tough 2K Resin ideal for durable and impact resistant jigs, fixtures and housings; the matte High Detail Resin ideal for high resolution prototypes with intricate detail and geometry (paintable and platable); or the Rigid 3K Resin perfect for thin-walled parts resistant to heat and chemicals.
  2. Co-branded resins - apart from offering quality 3D printing resins themselves, Raise3D collaborates with brands such as Loctite and BASF to create co-branded 3D printing resins for specialized applications.
  3. Validated third-party materials - Raise3D is dedicated to the Open Resin Program (ORP), which makes it possible to use third-party materials. Some of the validated materials are the Loctite IND405 resin or Loctite PRO476 resin, or the BASF Ultracur RG3280 resin or RG 1100 B resin. This open material philosophy gives users access to a significantly expanded selection of high-performance resins, ensuring more flexibility, freedom and inclusivity in the 3D printing workflow.

How does the DF2 solution stand out?

Raise3D emphasizes various advantages and characteristics that set apart the DF2 Solution from other similar solutions available on the market. These features are easily traceable operations, higher print quality, improved dependability, and a streamlined, secure workflow.

Traceable and straightforward operations

The Smart Build Plate Technology integrates RFID tags within the build plate, allowing seamless communication with post-processing devices. These embedded tags record resin types used and specific settings for washing and curing. This feature simplifies management during washing and curing processes, irrespective of the operator's familiarity with the produced items.

The RFID tag enables resin identification

Image 7: The RFID tag enables resin identification. Source: Raise3D.

Streamlined Resin Management offers several features, including Auto Resin Refill, Resin Material Auto-Recognition, Ultrasonic Liquid Level Monitoring, and Assisted Resin Tank Cleanup. These features enhance ease of use by automatically managing resin levels, identifying resin types, monitoring liquid levels, and facilitating easy cleanup of resin tanks.

The Raise 3D Air-Peel technology

Image 8: The Raise 3D Air-Peel technology. Source: Raise3D.

Moreover, the DF2 Solution accelerates printing and improves quality through Raise3D’s Air-Peel technology. By reducing peeling force, this innovation expedites layer removal from the film during printing. The incorporation of an ultra-thin air film ensures smoother peeling, enhancing printing speed and maintaining consistent properties across the printed products.

Superior print quality

Thanks to the use of optimal optical components, the DF2 printer minimizes loss and eradicates dispersion, resulting in the reproduction of sharp layers, thereby enhancing durability and image precision. With a 78.5 μm XY Pixel and 2560 x 1440 resolution, the DF2 achieves intricate and seamless prints consistently. This outcome is not solely due to superior hardware but also owes its excellence to the integration of sophisticated Anti-Aliasing technology, ensuring precise and smooth surfaces with each print.

The quality offered by the DF2 solution

Image 9: The quality offered by the DF2 solution. Source: Raise3D.

Moreover, the 3rd generation smart lattice support system contributes to optimized print success rates, significantly reducing the probability of operator errors. Additionally, this advanced support structure is specifically designed to diminish residual marks, thereby decreasing the necessity for post-print sanding or finishing processes.

Enhanced reliability

Incorporating a cutting-edge light engine comprised of top-notch components ensures prolonged durability and exceptional image clarity. The core light engine integrates curated LED light sources, a dedicated DMD chip tailored for 405 nm 3D printing, and an optimized low-distortion glass lens specifically designed for DLP technology. To ensure precision at every stage, the DF2 resin printer utilizes advanced machine vision technology for system calibration, ensuring utmost accuracy. Furthermore, each unit undergoes pre-calibration at the factory, ensuring immediate readiness for operation upon arrival.

The high quality optical components ensure durability and reliability

Image 10: The high quality optical components ensure durability and reliability. Source: Raise3D.

Moreover, the printer's stable printing environment, facilitated by a heated chamber, maintains consistent temperatures crucial for reliable printing outcomes. This feature is particularly beneficial when utilizing specialty resins that require a controlled heated environment. Additionally, the printer's design, resistant to dust and spills, further ensures sustained performance and durability.

Efficient and safe workflow

Thans to its intelligent design solutions, the DF2 solution minimizes the amount of manual tasks. This is is facilitated by automated drainage coupled with user-friendly automatic pump and door mechanisms, reducing the necessity for manual intervention. Furthermore, a simplified maintenance is achieved via the DF Wash flushing system, which streamlines solvent removal from the wash station.

The efficient material management increases efficiency and user safety

Image 11: The efficient material management increases efficiency and user safety. Source: Raise3D.

This enhancement not only boosts cleaning efficiency but also minimizes user contact with chemical residues. The versatility of the DF Cure is evident in its capacious curing area, accommodating large models. Its multi-wavelength curing capability ensures compatibility with a wide range of resins, promoting a secure workflow.

Groundbreaking solution for your workflow

The DF2 Solution by Raise3D, unveiled at Formnext in Rotterdam, represents a pivotal milestone in their spectrum of professional and industrial 3D printing solutions, marking their entrance into photopolymer resin 3D printing. Leveraging Digital Light Printing (DLP) technology, the DF2 Solution showcases rapid printing speeds, refined surfaces, high precision, and exceptional reliability. Tailored meticulously for engineering prototyping, manufacturing aids, and low-volume production with diverse high-grade resins, it integrates various components such as the Raise3D DF2 3D Printer, DF Wash, DF Cure, a range of specialized resins, and ideaMaker Slicing Software. Investing in the DF2 Solution ensures a seamless and traceable workflow, superior print quality, heightened reliability through advanced components and precise optical control, and an efficient, secure workflow with automated processes, effortless maintenance, and versatile curing options, thereby empowering users to explore new dimensions in resin 3D printing.

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