LOCTITE is a brand known internationally for its domestic and industrial adhesives. Apart from a series of solutions that facilitate post-processing and gluing, Loctite also counts with a wide portfolio of professional 3D printing resins for DLP and LCD technologies.

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LOCTITE: High level manufacturer

LOCTITE is a company that develops and manufactures chemical products to adhere and seal any type of material. Founded in 1956 and acquired in 1997 by the German group Henkel, it has an infinite number of products, including a range dedicated to 3D printing of any type of technology (FDM, SLS, SLA, DLP ...).

Thanks to the experience of all these years, LOCTITE has a lot of advice and recommendations when it comes to gluing all kinds of pieces, regardless of the geometry or the type of material. This knowledge is key to know how to guide each user to choose the product and the best glue orientation in each case.

Effective and universal glues

Among its most outstanding products are 3DP Instant Bonder and 3DP Universal Bonder, two specific glues for parts made in any 3D printing technology. The LOCTITE 3DP Instant Bonder is an ultra fast curing and single component cyanoacrylate glue. It cures in a few seconds and with a very low viscosity that allows you to perfectly join two surfaces even if they are very little porous. The LOCTITE 3DP Universal Bonder is a two-component glue (cyanoacrylate / methacrylate) curing in a few minutes (3 - 6 min), with a translucent gel-like appearance, which can be sanded and painted. In addition, it is perfect for joining pieces and filling holes with space up to 5 mm.

Professional 3D printing resins

Apart from adhesive solutions, Loctite also offers a wide range of high performance engineering-grade photopolymer resins for the additive manufacturing of end-use parts with properties such as high impact resistance, thermal resistance or elastomeric properties.

The Loctite resins are ideal for sectors such as aerospace, automotive and transportation, industrial and manufacturing, medical, and consumer goods applications. The Loctite resins are compatible with various DLP and LCD platforms, and are an excellent addition to any production workflow for a boosted performance, versatility and flexibility.