Proto-Pasta is a manufacturer of filaments for high quality 3D printing specialized in materials based on PLA or ABS modified with other materials, such as Magnetic PLA; the Conductive PLA; PLA carbon fiber; HTPLA copper, brass or bronze; or the ABS-PC.

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Proto-Pasta: Quality control even before manufacturing

Proto-Pasta is an original manufacturer from Vancouver (Washington) that made its appearance in 2013 thanks to the Kickstarter financing platform. In it they showed the world of 3D printing the first PLA reinforced with carbon fiber.

The key to its success lies in the great control of its production, because unlike most manufacturers, which use generic filament extruders, Proto-Pasta uses its own filament extrusion machines, allowing to completely adjust the manufacturing to each type of material.

Special filaments but easy to print

Proto-Pasta is a filament manufacturer specializing in PLA or ABS-based materials modified with other materials.

Special PLAs include materials with magnetic properties (Magnetic PLA), electrically conductive filament (Conductive PLA) or carbon fiber alloys (Carbon Fiber PLA), which make it possible to print parts easily, but at the same time resistant. In addition, this American manufacturer, has a range of materials based on PLA and metal powders, with which you can get the same appearance of the metal with a simple sanding and polishing. In this category are the HTPLA CopperHTPLA Brass and HTPLA Bronze.

Special ABS stands out for its PC-ABS, which mixes the good of each material that composes it, in order to obtain a high-performance material. On the one hand, Polycarbonate offers high impact resistance and high rigidity, typical qualities of this material. On the other hand, the ABS transmits to this filament greater ease of processing than the PC (Polycarbonate). Finally, the union of the two materials improves the resistance to heat, being one of the filaments more resistant to deformation by the temperature of the market.

Conscious of the environment

Proto-Pasta is one of the few filament manufacturers that does not use plastic coils. Its coils are cardboard and strong enough to transport the filament without problem, and easily recyclable.

With its desire to recycle and its great knowledge in the manufacture of filaments, Proto-Pasta has managed to manufacture such incredible materials as filaments with recycled coffee.