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Filament composed of PLA and brass powder recommended for printing heat sinks and brass finishes.

The HTPLA Brass is composed of a polymer (PLA) and brass powder, compatible with any desktop 3D printer FDM/FFF. 

The brass powder on one side offers more resistance to the filament than the standard PLA and on the other it gives a similar appearance and density to the brass metal.

The amount of brass contained in this material is sufficient for transmission and heat dissipation applications, resistant parts or parts with a finish that need to simulate brass in any of its states (bright, rusty, old ...). But this percentage of brass isn't enough to be a conductor of electricity. In the case of searching for a conductive filament of electricity, the Conductive PLA filament or the Graphene filament should be chosen.

Once the piece is printed, you can choose an infinite number of different finishes. Here are some of the Post-Processing techniques for this material:

  • Apply a heat treatment to the piece to make it more resistant to harsher environments and more resistant to wear.
  • With a wire brush expose the metal so that it rusts or get a glossy and satin finish.
  • Treat the surface with steel wool for a dark appearance, but at the same time smooth and shiny.
  • Paint the deeper areas with a dark color to highlight the contrast of colors.
  • Polish with a rotary machine with a cotton tip and a polishing compound on the high areas to achieve a high gloss.
  • Polish with sandpaper to obtain a smooth, shiny and light-colored surface finish.
  • Patina (oxidize) naturally or in an accelerated manner with hydrogen peroxide (apple cider vinegar) and salt (50/50). Heat can be applied to make the process even faster.

Proto-Pasta Brass

Image 1: Figures printed with Brass HTPLA. Source: Proto Pasta

The thermal treatment reinforces the structure of the Brass HTPLA, giving it greater resistance to deformation at high temperatures, maintaining its shape up to 170ºC. The tempering process is very simple, you simply need a domestic oven at a temperature of 110ºC and introduce the piece about 10 minutes, having to adapt the time depending on the size of the piece, the larger, the longer the tempering must be.

The Brass HTPLA filament has an infinity of applications, among which are:

  • Pieces with appearance similar to brick or clay.
  • Accessories and hardware.
  • Simulation of old knobs and buttons.
  • Heat exchangers and heat sinks.
  • Elements of fine arts and sculptures.
  • Emblems and trophies.
  • Jewelry like rings, pendants or bracelets.
  • Game pieces or replicas of ancient figures.


Image 2: Brass HTPLA. Source: Proto Pasta

This material has been optimized to have a lower moisture absorption than conventional PLA and get a better flow to avoid clogging, something to which some Special PLA containing fibers or metal powders are prone.

The filaments with metallic particles of Proto-Pasta; once printed and post-processed, offer a finish with an appearance and density similar to the metal used. However, in no case they will have the properties of that metal.

If metal finishes and parts containing the properties of the metal in question are desired, filaments from The Virtual Foundry Filamet range should be used. Parts printed in 3D with these materials become completely metallic through a sintering process.

It should be noted that Filamet filaments require more knowledge due to their complexity both in the printing process and in the subsequent sintering which, in many cases, is of an experimental nature.

Softening temperature (ºC) 55
Thermal conductivity Thermal conductivity
Metallic content Metallic content
Fiber reinforced Fiber reinforced
Hide color variations (Hide color variations)

The print is recommended to clean the nozzle by passing through it PLA or Smart Clean to avoid leaving traces of carbon fiber in it. Carbon Fiber PLA in filament state is more fragile than the standard PLA so must be handled carefully to avoid breakage. Optimum printing temperature can range between 185ºC and 215ºC according to each 3D printer. It's recommended to use hardened steel nozzles or the powerful Nozzle Olsson Ruby with a diameter equal to or greater than 0.5mm.

Printing of this filament is just as easy to standard PLA. Although it is not necessary to have a warm bed to print this filament, if she have put it at 30-60 ° C it is recommended. The adhesion of the first layer is key and probably the most important factors for good impressions. so you can use Magigoo, DimaFixPrintaFix or BuildTak.

General information
Manufacturer Proto Pasta (USA)
Material HTPLA + Brass
Format Roll of 125 g
Spool of 500 g
Density 2.5 g/cm3
Filament diameter 1.75 or 2.85 mm
Diameter tolerance ±0.05 mm
Filament length ±20 m (Ø1.75 mm-125 g)
±80 m (Ø1.75 mm-500 g) 
±7 m (Ø 2.85 mm-125 g)
±28 m (Ø 2.85 mm-500 g)
Color Brass
RAL/Pantone -
Print settings
Printing temperature 185-215ºC
Print bed temperature 30-60ºC
Chamber temperature Not necessary
Cooling fan Recommended
Recommended printing speed 20-80 mm/s
Nozzle diameter >0.5 mm (Hardened steel or Olsson Ruby)
Layer thickness >0.15 mm
Mechanical properties
Izod impact strength -
Charpy impact strength -
Elongation at break
Tensile strength -
Tensile Modulus -
Flexural strength -
Flexural modulus -
Surface hardness -
Thermal properties
Softening temperature 55ºC
Melting temperature 150ºC
Specific properties
Transparency  No
Size of dust particles <0.25 mm
Heat treatment 110ºC (10 minutes)
Dimension variation (after heat treatment) 1.5% shrinkage on the X / Y axes
1% growth on the Z axis
Additional Information
HS Code 3916.9
Diameter coil (outer) 205 mm 
Diameter coil (inner hole) 53 mm 
Coil Width 55 mm 

* The typical values detailed in this table should be considered as a reference. Actual values may vary depending on the 3D printer model used, part design and printing conditions. We recommend confirming the results and final properties with own tests. For more information you should consult the technical data sheet of the product.

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