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How to detect and solve problems related to the manufacturing base

The base or manufacturing platform is a fundamental part of any FDM 3D printer. In this post we will talk about how to get the best quality parts and avoid the risk of failure.
News  mar 1, 2023

The hotend. Operation and thermal performance

The hotend is, together with the extruder, one of the most important parts of a FFF 3D printer. Although at first glance it may appear to be one of the simplest elements, it is one of the most complex, as it has to achieve optimum thermal performance.
News  feb 22, 2023

SLS Printing: Fundamentals and functioning

SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) technology uses powder as the printing material. The powder is spread in thin layers and the laser selectively "burns" the design into the layers. Some of the advantages offered by this 3D printing technology are high precision, isotropy of the prints, no need for supports, a great finish and a wide range of materials available for SLS 3D printing.
News  ene 25, 2023

Industrial resin 3D printing with Nexa3D XiP

In order to break the barrier to its application in industrial manufacturing, resin 3D printing has had overcome various limitations, such as scarcity of materials or slow printing speeds. Nexa3D excels in both aspects with the ultrafast open-materials XiP desktop 3D printer and an ample portfolio of professional 3D printing resins.
News  ene 18, 2023

Preservation of 3D printing materials

The final quality of the printed parts is strongly influenced by the quality of the raw material used in the production of the filament, as well as by its conservation. This is because the more homogeneous and constant the filament properties are, the more uniform the extrusion will be and the better surface quality the final part will have.
News  ene 11, 2023

Raft, Skirt and Brim. When to use each and how to configure them

This post is about the Raft, Skirt and Brim elements, which are three additional elements of the part that can be configured during lamination and are generated automatically.
News  ene 4, 2023

Infill patterns in SLS

SLS 3D prints do not require fillers or supports. However, the heat build-up inside large parts can cause drastic shrinkage during cooling. Therefore, SLS prints are very often printed hollow, where the wall thickness of the part will define its strength. If a hollow part does not meet the mechanical requirements, a filler can be added to an SLS part at the design stage.
News  dic 21, 2022

Sinterit printer maintenance

To ensure optimum performance of Sinterit printers, the protective glass of the laser and pyrometer, the recoater guide, the linear bearing and the space under the cylinders must be cleaned regularly. It is also crucial to replace the short infrared heater and the short recoater cord on a regular basis, as well as the insulation of the printing and feeding bases.
News  dic 7, 2022
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