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3D Print with Conductive Filaflex

Conductive filaments are ideal for manufacturing electrically conductive parts or components and for creating wearable devices. Based on its capabilities, results with beneficial properties for many industries will be obtained. The Spanish company Recreus is committed to this material and offers the user a series of tips when using its Conductive Filaflex filament.
News  may 18, 2022

How to recycle masks using Filastruder

Face masks have been part of our lives for years in this pandemic. Now that their use is finally no longer mandatory, old concerns arise: what to do with all that waste? Researchers at several universities seem to have come up with an ingenious solution: turn them into filament for 3D printers.
News  may 5, 2022

What does 3D printing contribute to the aerospace industry?

Additive manufacturing is revolutionizing the aerospace industry. 3D printing for aerospace offers strength and reliability of large-scale solutions while increasing production speed and reducing costs. This post discusses the multiple advantages that 3D printing offers in aerospace compared to traditional manufacturing methods such as injection molding or CNC machining.
News  abr 19, 2022

4D printing: The Future of 3D printing

3D printing is an established concept that everyone is familiar with. However, engineers and researchers are trying to add another dimension to it and some projects have already succeeded. Hand in hand with 3D printing comes 4D printing. This technology is characterised by the inclusion of a new variable: time.
News  abr 13, 2022

Basic parameters of lamination.

This post explains the basic lamination parameters and how they work. In addition, the different parameter groups are mentioned and described in detail, those that depend on the material, those that define the print profile and those that define the hardware, which together with a correct configuration of the speed and the supports allow to obtain complete and efficient print profiles.
News  abr 4, 2022

Pellet extruders: Is the direct mixing of pellets with additives possible?

Fused granulate fabrication (pellets) is the main methodology used in plastic compounding. Pellets are more available and economical than filament, and they allow for the preparation of custom specialistic blends with a polymer base and a color or additive masterbatch. In plastic compounding, a pellet extruder with mixing screws is used to combine the melt.
News  abr 1, 2022

Basic hotend maintenance

The hotend is probably the component of the FDM 3D printer that requires the most maintenance. This article explains the maintenance guidelines to keep it in good condition to ensure good print quality and minimise the risk of failure.
News  mar 23, 2022

Manufacturing prototypes with 3D printing

The advances that have taken place in recent years have allowed many companies to have 3D printers in their facilities for the manufacture of prototypes or final parts. This article outlines the advantages of this manufacturing method for prototyping and how to choose the right technology according to the requirements of the application.
News  mar 2, 2022
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