Personalize Christmas decor with 3D printing

Personalize Christmas decor with 3D printing

Christmas is about to arrive and with it the opportunity to get 3D printers the most fun and entertaining part, the creation of personalized ornaments and gifts.

Christmas is the most awaited festivity of the year all over the world, in which everything is dressed in lights and impressive decorations. We meet for several days with friends and family, exchange stories and gifts.

In the part of decoration and gifts comes 3D printing, technology that allows anyone to make personalized elements, from decoration for the Christmas tree to a baking mold. Here are some ideas to make with the 3D printer:

Decoration for the Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is the most representative element of these dates of celebration. Decorating this complement, which is not missing in any home, is one of the favorite Christmas activities between children and adults, in which a fun and entertaining time is shared. For this reason, we recommend the printing of the following 3 decorative elements:

Tree Star: This star is placed on top of the tree, culminating its top and protruding over the rest of decorative elements. The star of the image that is seen below is Dagoma creation and you can obtain the file in the following link.

Star for the Christmas Tree

Image 1: Star for the Christmas Tree. Source: Cults

Decorative snowflakes: With snowflakes printed in 3D you get a more Christmas touch to the tree, getting a snow effect that conveys a spirit of happiness and affection. In this case another image of Dagoma is shown, in which variants of snowflakes are appreciated.

Decorative snowflakes

Image 2: Decorative snowflakes. Source: Cults

Christmas balls: This is another decorative element typical of the Christmas tree. In the typical STL download pages there are balls of a thousand shapes and with the possibility of printing them in various colors. YSoft be3D has available some of the most beautiful and easy to print balls in the 3D printing community. In the following image you can appreciate the quality of the Christmas balls.

Christmas balls

Image 3: Christmas balls. Source: Cults

Table decoration

Any user of a 3D printer can give a Christmas touch to any table or furniture in your home with the creation of such typical things as a Santa Claus sleigh and a congratulatory message "Merry Christmas":

 Santa's Sleigh: The image of Santa Claus wouldn't be the same without his mythical red sleigh, where he travels and keeps the gifts. The model that we present below, creation of Dagoma, is ideal to decorate any piece of furniture and introduce inside some candy for the guests of these dates so indicated.

Sleigh of Santa Claus

Image 4: Sleigh of Santa Claus. Source: Cults

 "Merry Christmas" phrase: the most representative phrase of Christmas worldwide is "Merry Christmas", in all households and stores  we use this message to congratulate. Again, there are plenty of models to print, among which we recommend the following "Merry Christmas", creation of Tone001.

Merry Christmas

Image 5: Merry Christmas. Source: Cults

Everyone knows that Christmas is also mythical for their special foods and sweets, which many people love to taste. In this case, 3D printing intervenes thanks to materials suitable to be in contact with food (CPE HG100 or Taulman 680 FDA) that allow the realization of baking molds with very fun shapes, with which the whole family will spend a very long time nice, both cooking and eating the typical Christmas cookies. For these molds we recommend visiting the profile of Oogime in Cults, where you can find an infinite number of variants. Among all of them, highlights the collection of Christmas molds shown in the following image.

Christmas cookie cutters

Image 6: Christmas cookie cutters. Source: Cults

The 3D printing allows anyone to create and reproduce any piece or decorative element that they want. In addition, STL download websites, such as Cults, have a special section of Christmas, where you can find an infinity of Christmas products.

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