Our experience in 3D printing allows us to have a wide knowledge about the different technologies and printing materials. In our blog you can find tips and good practices to extract all their potential.

Tips for 3D Printing: During printing

Following with the previous article, below is the most important tips during 3D printing to avoid mistakes and failures, such as jams in the extruder or warping and cracking, produced by drafts outside the 3D printer.
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Tips for 3D Printing: Before Printing

Users of 3D printers may encounter certain problems when making their parts, so it is advisable to follow the advice given below before starting a 3D printing to prevent possible errors and errors during it.
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How to know if your extruder is compatible with an E3D v6, MK8 and Volcano nozzle

When changing the nozzle of the 3D printer for an E3D Original nozzle, doubts may arise if they are interchangeable. The vast majority of 3D printers if they are compatible with the v6, MK8 and Volcano nozzles since their measurement is the most used M6x1.
Tips  jul 18, 2017

What are the Skirt, Brim and Raft

The users of 3D printers often have doubts about the processes of SKIRT, BRIM and RAFT. In the following article we try to explain the utility of each one.
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Leveling and calibration of the 3D printer base

Users of home 3D printers (FFF/FDM) can often find problems of various types, which may be due to poor filaments, improper printing parameters, poorly-suited conditions for the location of 3D printers (like humid environments, cold or drafts) and lack of maintenance, and calibration of the 3D printer.
Tips  may 29, 2017   16

3D printing costs

One of the first big questions that comes up when starting in 3D printing is; How much does it cost to make a piece in 3D? Well, let's try to explain the main costs that must be attributed to the printing of a piece to calculate its actual cost of impaction.
Tips  dic 21, 2016   2

Densities and lengths in 3D printing filaments

One of the main doubts in the day to day among users of 3D printing is to know the density of the filament that they will use to know how much material they will consume, and therefore how much material they will need to print a piece in 3D. The (absolute) density is a scalar quantity referred to the amount of mass in a given volume of a substance.
Tips  nov 18, 2016   1

How is it possible to avoid jams in the 3d printer extruder

The main areas of an extruder are the heating block and the dissipation area, although these are formed in turn by several parts. To understand the basic operation of the extrusion process of the filaments in 3D printers, it is essential to understand the functionality of both areas.
Tips  oct 24, 2016
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