R3D, established in September 2014, is a leading 3D printing enterprise specializing in 3D filaments and printers. With a large production area and an impressive daily output of filaments, R3D serves a global clientele, offering standard and customized PLA products in various colors and finishes, as well as other polymers.

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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items

Quantity and quality

Wuhu R3D Technology Co., Ltd., established in September 2014, stands as a distinguished professional in the field of 3D printing. Operating as a dynamic research and development-driven enterprise, R3D specializes in both manufacturing 3D filaments and printers. With an expansive production area spanning 9000 ㎡ and an impressive daily filament output surpassing 1800 kg, R3D caters to a global clientele of 3D printing enthusiasts and industry professionals. Committed to providing unparalleled services, R3D emphasizes quality-first principles, ensuring consistency and reliability in its offerings.

Specialized in PLA

R3D's filament collection represents an innovation spectrum in the 3D printing domain. Featuring a diverse array of PLA products, including high-speed PLA, matte PLA, rainbow effect PLA, silky PLA, thermoactive PLA, wooden PLA, marble PLA and many more, the brand has revolutionized filament possibilities. Each variant offers unique characteristics, from the velvety finish of matte PLA to the mesmerizing color transitions of rainbow effect PLA, catering to diverse printing needs. Whether seeking a professional, artistic, or experimental touch, R3D's comprehensive PLA filament range delivers exceptional quality and versatility, empowering users to achieve remarkable results in their 3D printing endeavors.