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Silver Pearl PLA filament of very high quality manufactured in Europe by Fillamentum.

Silver Rapunzel PLA filament is ideal for obtaining high quality surface finishes spectacular pearly silver. This filament allows for difficult details of printing and offers excellent lamination of the printed object. Besides being a pearl strand offers bright reflections.

PLA is a biodegradable plastic derived from natural resources, in particular is obtained from the extracted starch from corn, sugar beet and wheat. PLA filament is one of the most widely used 3D printing today because it does not release harmful gases and it is not necessary to have a 3D printer with double / hot core which makes it very easy to print with it materials. The spols of 750gr of PLA Pearl Silver support multiple types of 3D printers.

PLA Pearl Silver filament is a very easy material to print on FDM 3D printers Technology / FFF. With this PLA Silver Pearl filament get brighter figures (with pearl tone) that using the normal PLA filament while the figures are rigid and resistant. In addition, the PLA Silver Pearl filament is a permanent, odorless polymer. The extrusion temperature for printing with this plastic PLA Pearl Silver must be between 190 and 210 ° C.

For higher yields of 3D printing it is advisable to cover the bed of the printer with Blue Tape, with 3DLac, Magigoo or a BuildTak sheet you can find in the store fixtures.

This filament is manufactured in Europe meet the highest quality standards that ensure high accuracy in the dimension of the filaments within tolerance +/- 0.05 mm, which is strictly controlled throughout production.

As for the softening temperature, this filament PLA Silver Pearl like the rest of PLA filaments withstands only 60C.

Impact strength (KJ/m2) 1.6
Elongation at break (%) 6
Tensile strength (MPa) 53
Tensile modulus (MPa) 3600
Flexural strength (MPa) 83
Flexural modulus (MPa) 3800
Softening temperature (ºC) 60
Biodegradable Biodegradable

3D printing with PLA is simpler and easier than with ABS. It is not necessary that the printer dock is hot, but if possible it is recommended that the base is approximately 50- 60 ºC, to prevent any small sign of "warping" appears. The extruder temperature must be between 190 and 220 ºC depending on the colour and 3D printer used. If your printer has a fan nozzle is recommended that you enable it for best results In the article from our blog of 3D printing is explained about the main doubts of 3D printing with PLA and ABS.

If you need to print very thin and tall pieces, you will see that the PLA plastic does not give you enough time to harden each layer, so that the piece will be as if it had melted. To solve this problem we give a very simple advice, printed at the same time at least 2 pieces, and place them in separate base. So while the extruder is moved from one piece to another, the plastic has time to harden each layer in achieving a better result.

The adhesion of the first layer is key and probably the most important factors for goods prints. So you can use Blue TapeBuildTak, Magigoo or 3DLac.

It is also advisable to set the "raft" which is to create a first thick layer, and supports that will not suffer that contraction and on which is printed the piece. The disadvantage of using the "raft" is that this first layer will have a less smooth.
It is advisable to lower the density of "infill" parameter for the part to store less heat. As for the "brim" (the membrane that is created around the part) parameter is recommended never fit in greater thicknesses of 5mm to help the first layer does not come off.
As for the interior temperature where printed is recommended to be controlled and no drafts.

General information
Manufacturer Fillamentum (Czech Republic)
Material PLA
Format Spool of 0.75 kg or 2.5 kg
Density 1.24 g/cm3
Diameter of filament 1.75 or 2.85 mm
Diameter tolerance ±0,05 mm
Filament length ±251 m (Ø 1.75 mm-0.75Kg)
±838 m (Ø 1.75 mm-2.5Kg)
±95 m (Ø 2.85 mm-0.75Kg)
316 m (Ø 2.85 mm-2.5Kg)
Color "Rapunzel Silver"
RAL/Pantone -
Print settings
Printing temperature 190-210ºC
Print bed temperature 40-50ºC
Chamber temperature Not necessary
Cooling fan Recommended
Recommended printing speed 30-40 mm/s
Mechanical properties
Izod impact strength (ASTM D256) 16 J/m
Charpy impact strength -
Elongation at break (ASTM D702) 6% 
Tensile strength (ASTM D702) 53 MPa 
Tensile Modulus (ASTM D702) 3600 MPa 
Flexural strength (ASTM D790) 83 MPa
Flexural modulus (ASTM D790) 3800 MPa
Surface hardness  -
Thermal properties
Softening temperature (ASTM E2092) 55-60ºC 
Melting temperature 145-160ºC
Specific properties
Transparency (ASTM D1003) 2.1%
Brightness value (ASTM D1003 for 20ºC) 90
Additional Information
HS Code 3916.9
Diameter coil (outer) 200 mm (0.75 kg spool)
300 mm (2.5 kg spool)
Diameter coil (inner hole) 55 mm (0.75 kg spool)
53 mm (2.5 kg spool)
Coil Width 50 mm (0.75 kg spool)
100 mm (2.5 kg spool) 

* The typical values detailed in this table should be considered as a reference. Actual values may vary depending on the 3D printer model used, part design and printing conditions. We recommend confirming the results and final properties with own tests. For more information you should consult the technical data sheet of the product.

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