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    Sampler with more than 40 colors of PLA filament manufactured by Fillamentum.

    Fillamentum is a manufacturer of filaments for 3D printing FDM, known worldwide for the quality of its PLA and the infinite range of colors it offers. In its catalog you can find everything from conventional colors such as white, black, red or green, to translucent colors or bright reflections. The latter, PLA Vertigo Grey or PLA Vertigo Starlight are known and admired by the entire 3D printing community.

    This wide range of colors only produces a problem, the indecision when choosing one color or another. For this reason, Fillamentum has launched a sample book with all the colors available in PLA. This sample is formed by rectangular pieces, with a special design on one of the ends to show the finish offered by each color depending on the thickness of the piece. These rectangular pieces are manufactured by FDM printing and labeled with the name corresponding to each color.

    Sample PLA Crystal Clear Iceland Blue

    Image 1: Sample PLA Iceland Blue. Source: Fillamentum

    When a user designs a piece with specific colors, what he least wants is to find a color that does not correspond to the one he needs. For this there is the Pantone and RAL code, which regulate the real tone of each color. It must be taken into account that the screens of computers, mobile phones and other devices do not usually show the real tonality of a color, that is why there are deviations when an object is observed directly compared to seeing it through a screen. On the other hand, within the 3D FDM printing only quality filament manufacturers have these codes, Fillamentum is one of them. The availability of the Sampler ensures the user the correct choice of color, with the assurance that the same shade will always be maintained.

    In addition to all the above and maintaining the detail with which Fillamentum makes all its products, all samples are packed separately to avoid damage during shipment. The Sampler also has a quick-closing steel cable, which allows you to have the full range of colors ordered by shade and easily remove a sample to perform any color test.

    The complete list of the 41 colors is as follows:

    Crystal Clear Smaragd Green - -
    Crystal Clear Island Blue - -
    Crystal Clear Natural - -
    Baby Blue - -
    Mint - -
    Lilac - -
    Luminous Green 6038 P802 2x
    Luminous Orange 2005 P1788 2x
    Luminous Yellow 1026 Pyellow
    Electric Grey - -
    Concrete Grey 7023 P424
    Metallic Grey 5018 P3145
    Iron Grey 7011 P5477
    Traffic Black 9017 P426
    Chocolate Brown 8017 P497
    Green Grass 6010 P349
    Turquoise Blue 5018 P3145
    Sky Blue 5015 P3015
    Noble Blue - -
    Pearl Night Blue 5026 P533
    Cobalt Blue 5013 5255
    Traffic Purple 4006 P465
    Everybody’s Magenta - -
    Purple Red 3004 P91
    Pearl Ruby Red 3032 P208
    Signal Red 3001 P484
    Traffic Red 3020 P485
    Orange Orange 2008 P1585
    Melon Yellow 1028 P137
    Traffic Yellow 1023 P1235
    Light Ivory 1015 P726
    Traffic White 9016 P705
    Natural - -
    Wizards Voodoo - -
    Vertigo Starlight - -
    Vertigo Galaxy - -
    Vertigo Grey - -
    Rapunzel Silver - -
    Gold Happens - -
    Mukha - -
    Manufacturer Fillamentum (Czech Republic)
    Material PLA
    Dimensions 60 x 24.30 mm
    Thickness 3, 1.5 y 0.5 mm
    Layer Height 0.2 mm
    Infill 15%
    Nozzle Temperature 210ºC
    Bed Temperature (glass bed without any adhesion) 80ºC
    Nozzle 0.4 mm
    HS Code 3916.9

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