Rosa3D is Polish producer of 3D printing filaments with a strong commitment to exceptional product quality and sustainability in the manufacturing process. Rosa3D offers a wide range of polymers for industrial, technical, and domestic 3D printing needs.

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Commitment to excellence

Rosa3D is a leading Polish manufacturer of 3D printing filament founded in 2018. Committed to delivering unparalleled quality, Rosa3D has strategically positioned itself to cater to diverse printing needs, ranging from industrial and technical applications to large-format printing and domestic use. Bolstered by a team of seasoned professionals and equipped with cutting-edge machinery, Rosa3D places a premium on precision, holding the ISO 9001:2015 certification that attests to their meticulous control over material quality, roundness, and size. With a robust production capacity of 70 tons per month, operating around the clock for five days a week, Rosa3D ensures a seamless supply of top-notch filaments to meet the demands of a dynamic market.

Sustainable manufacturing

In line with their commitment to environmental responsibility, Rosa3D integrates sustainable practices throughout their production processes. Adhering to the principles of ISO 14001:2015, the company prioritizes energy efficiency, recovery, and recycling. Notably, Rosa3D takes strides to minimize the ecological footprint of their packaging by complying with recycling obligations. The filaments are wound on spools crafted from recycled PC or recycled PC with wood dust, resulting in a remarkable 90% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to conventional industry spools. Moreover, Rosa3D's innovative approach extends to reusability, allowing customers to repurpose spool discs for storing refill filaments. The company's commitment to sustainability is further underscored by investments in solar panels in 2018 and photovoltaic panels in 2019, reinforcing their dedication to a circular economy and responsible manufacturing.

Filament offer

Rosa3D's extensive filament catalog epitomizes innovation in the realm of 3D printing. Boasting a myriad of plastics, including biodegradable and compostable materials, the catalog offers a spectrum of PLA products, such as high-speed PLA, pastel PLA, silk PLA, multicolor PLA, as well as other materials like PETG. The vibrancy of colors available in Rosa3D filaments ensures a perfect match for any 3D printing project, solidifying their position as a frontrunner in the industry.