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    Sharebot is a company that manufactures and develops 3D printer of different technologies. All its products are high precision, reliable and are used simply to facilitate the process of manufacturing parts by 3D printing.

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    Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items

    Sharebot: Quality and experience

    Sharebot is a manufacturer of 3D printers of various technologies that was born in 2011 by Andrea Radaelli, the year he launched his first printer. The sales success encouraged a group of young engineers to join Andrea's project. After two years, they presented the Sharebot NG, printer, the first 3D printer with a stainless steel casing, with a screen control system managed by a single button, which was a success for being an easy-to-use desktop computer with some fantastic printing results.

    In an effort to grow and increase 3D printing technology, Sharebot has an I+D department, dedicated to developing the main 3D printer technologies on the market (filament, resin and dust).

    3D printers for all users

    The wide range of products presented by Sharebot covers the needs of all users of 3D printers: small or large fabrications, of normal or high surface quality, conventional or advanced materials.

    Among its filament printers, the Sharebot QXXL, stands out, a professional 3D printer with a large print volume (700 x 350 x 300 mm) and an integrated system with two reel boxes, or the Sharebot Q Dual, also with a large print volume and double extruder.

    As resin 3D printers, Sharebot Snow White is a professional 3D printer of DLS technology, based on the sintering of thermoplastic powders by means of a CO2 laser, perfect to start in this type of technology and make final pieces really quickly. It also has SLA technology printers, such as Sharebot Antares, and several models of industrial 3D printers with DLP technology, such as Sharebot RoverSharebot Spirit or Sharebot Viking.

    Additionally, Sharebot has developed a DMLS (metal) 3D printer for the manufacture of metal parts: Sharebot MetalOne.