Sharebot is a leading Italian manufacturer of innovative 3D printing solutions. Offering cutting-edge solutions like MetalONE and SnowWhite2, the company empowers research with customizable parameters and collaborates with over 100 universities, making advanced 3D printing accessible and impactful on a global scale.

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Pioneering 3D printing innovation

Sharebot, established in 2011 by Andrea Radaelli, has emerged as a prominent player in the 3D printing industry and is among the leading Italian manufacturers of 3D printers with thousands of printers delivered all over the world. Since the launch of its first printer, the Sharebot NG, the company quickly gained recognition for its commitment to advancing technology. At the time, the Sharebot NG, a groundbreaking 3D printer featuring a stainless steel casing and an intuitive screen control system managed by a single button. This user-friendly desktop device garnered widespread acclaim for delivering exceptional printing results. Bolstered by the success, Sharebot attracted a team of young engineers, forming a synergy that fueled further growth and led to the development of 3D printers across technologies.

Cutting-edge 3D printing solutions

Within Sharebot's current offerings, two standout solutions redefine possibilities in 3D printing - MetalONE and SnowWhite2. These printers utilize sintering technology for metal powders or thermoplastics, with DMLS or SLS techniques, setting them apart in the 3D printing landscape. Sharebot's commitment to research is evident in the open parameters of its printers, empowering users to customize settings and configurations.

Sharebot SnowWhite2 stands as a Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) professional 3D printer, featuring open parameters. Equipped with a powerful 14W CO2 laser and the option to use nitrogen or argon in a controlled environment, it proves ideal for universities and research centers exploring new polymers and composites.

Sharebot MetalONE, a Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) metal 3D printer, represents an open system tailored for research. Its flexibility allows users to adjust spot size, laser speed, and power, providing precise control over printing paths. This flexibility enables extensive testing on various alloy types, making it a valuable asset in research and development.

Sharebot's commitment to the academic and research community is evident through collaborations with over 100 universities and research centers. These partnerships not only validate the reliability of Sharebot's 3D printers but also contribute to the continuous improvement of their technology. Sharebot's strategic planning ensures that even with limited budgets, users can access advanced 3D printing technologies, making innovation more accessible than ever before.