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DMLS (metal) 3D printer ideal for manufacturing metal parts easily, R&D oriented.

Sharebot has gathered all its experience and knowledge to develop a 3D printer with the most complex technology and with the most complex materials; Sharebot MetalOne. This 3D DMLS printer (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) uses metal powder laser sintering to build each piece layer by layer (LPBF - Laser Powder Bed Fusion).

Video 1: Introducing the MetalOne 3D printer. Source: Sharebot.

For each of these layers the printer deposits dust with the desired layer height and then a high-power laser fuses the metal powder with the exact shape of the piece, taking advantage of the powder that remains without melting. Sharebot MetalOne offers a printing volume of 65 x 65 x 100 mm, a Z resolution of 30 microns, a spot dimension of 40 microns, and a 300 W fiber laser

Parts manufactured with Sharebot MetalOne

Image 1: Parts manufactured with Sharebot MetalOne. Source: Sharebot.

Sharebot MetalOne is a DMLS 3D printer ideal for research centers, universities, R&D labs and companies that need to manufacture small and medium metal parts easily, quickly and with great quality control. All is needed to start a new printing job are 15 minutes and the tight manufacturing volume reduces the minimum amount of metal dust that MetalOne needs to be able to manufacture, making the printer ideal for all those users who want to try new materials, including proprietary alloys.

Video 2: MetalOne offers an open design system. Source: Sharebot.

With only 800 g of metallic powder (316L steel, cobalt chrome, etc.) the user can make parts in great detail and record all their printing parameters easily for future modifications. In addition, Sharebot MetalOne offers the possibility of using Nitrogen or Argon gas to increase its compatibility to virtually all metals (consumption: 2.5 l/min). Metal One is completely open, all process parameter can be modified by the user (power, speed, hatching, layer, gcode laser paths etc) and the printing process can be monitored remotely with the help of a built-in camera and USB/WiFi/Ethernet connectivity.

Parts 3D printed with titanium alloy on the Metal One printer

Image 2: Parts 3D printed with titanium alloy on the Metal One printer. Source: Sharebot.

There are many sectors that can benefit from this 3D metal printer. The dental sector can perform restorations or crowns in cobalt chrome with ease and in less than an hour. Any industrial company can use Sharebot MetalOne to create specific parts at low cost and short series without long waits, which becomes an increase in production power for any manufacturer. Even the jewelery sector improves its performance with this DMLS 3D printer thanks to its reduced working volume and manufacturing precision (layer height of 10 microns and laser dot diameter of 40 microns).

Parts 3D printed on the Metal One printer with stainless steel and copper chromium zirconium alloy

Image 3: Parts 3D printed on the Metal One printer with stainless steel and copper chromium zirconium alloy. Source: Sharebot.

Sharebot's history with this type of industrial 3D printers begins in 2015 by developing Sharebot Snow White², a 3D printer that uses DLS (Direct Laser Sintering) technology, based on the sintering of thermoplastic powders using a CO2 laser. Once consolidated all the knowledge necessary to make a machine of that level, Sharebot dedicated more than a year to develop Sharebot MetalOne, offering any user a 3D metal printer safe, easy-to-use and compatible 3D metal printer with a wide range of metal powders.

If you use any powder that is not Sharebot brand, consult the manufacturer of the material what are the generic printing parameters. Apart from these data, you must refine the configuration according to the geometry of the part and the necessary mechanical properties.

Manufacturer Sharebot (Italy)
Technologie DMLS 
Certificates -
Printer properties
Print volume 65 x 65 x 100 mm
Laser Fiber 300 W (1064 nm)
Print properties
Positioning resolution (XY) -
Positioning resolution (Z) 30 µm
Max Speed 5 m/s
Scan speed -
Max. temperature cabin -
Minimum powder volume 800 g
Layer height 5 - 200 µm
Software and conectivity
Software Sharebot
Compatible files gcode
Conectivity USB / WiFi / Ethernet
Electrical properties
Input 230 V / 50/60 Hz
Output -
Consumption 4000 W
Dimesions and weight
Printer dimensions 1000 x 600 x 1470 mm
Printer weight 270 kg
HS Code 8477.5900

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