Elegoo, founded in 2015, unites 'electronic' and 'googol,' symbolizing open-source electronics merging with 3D printing's limitless creativity. Empowering through programming and 3D printing, it enriches STEM education with diverse products and resources, fostering innovation accessibility for enthusiasts and professionals worldwide.

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Elegoo, a pioneering brand established in 2015 by Chris Hong derives its name from the fusion of "electronic" and "googol." This nomenclature symbolizes the amalgamation of open-source electronics and the vast creative potential represented by the number 1 followed by 100 zeros—a nod to the myriad structural models achievable through 3D printing technology. The brand's vision centers on shaping the future by empowering individuals through programming and 3D printing capabilities, unlocking boundless possibilities. Chris Hong's journey into the STEM field during his college years inspired the establishment of Elegoo, driven by the conviction that STEM applications permeate diverse facets of life, from intelligent robots to innovative UAV technology and restaurant food delivery mechanisms.

Elegoo entered the landscape with a dual-fold mission. First, to address the scarcity of accessible STEM education tools for beginners, aiming to equip enthusiasts and students with practical electronic and structural kits. Second, to bridge the prevalent gap in the STEM industry, where the focus primarily rested on open-source hardware, neglecting the integration of electronic hardware with structural shells to create comprehensive products. The brand has garnered esteem within the 3D printing industry and STEM classrooms worldwide, emerging as a go-to resource for those seeking innovation and practicality in electronics and 3D printing technologies.

Elegoo offers a diverse array of products catering to 3D printing, electronics, and STEM education, including an extensive range of 3D printers, printing materials, electronic kits, robotics kits, and a variety of accessories and spare parts. Their product line is complemented by educational resources such as tutorials and guides, fostering an inclusive environment for enthusiasts, students, and professionals to explore, learn, and innovate in the realms of 3D printing, electronics, and STEM disciplines. Elegoo's commitment lies in providing comprehensive solutions and support, empowering individuals to delve into hands-on learning experiences and create within the domains of technology and innovation.