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A bundled solution for the washing and post-curing of models 3D printed with resin.

This curing and washing station ensemble by Elegoo consists of the Mercury XS Wash washing station and Mercury XS Cure curing station, as well as additional accessories that streamline the post-processing of parts 3D printed with resin. This Mercury XS ensemble is a new upgraded version of the Mercury X washing and curing solution but it keeps its predecessor's ideal dimensions.

The Mercury XS Wash and Cure stations

Image 1: The Mercury XS Wash and Cure stations. Source: Elegoo.

A useful feature is that the stations can be used independently or at once thanks to the dual-connection adapter. Apart from being compatible with the Saturn or Mars 3 3D printers from Elegoo, this Mercury XS bundle can also be used to wash and post-cure models 3D printed with most LCD/DLP/SLA 3D printers on the market that have a similar build volume.

Mercury XS Wash

The Mercury XS Wash washing station has the compact dimensions of 255 x 155 x 385.5 mm and weighs a little over 2 kg which makes it ideal for desktop use. The maximum washing volume offered by this washing station is 180 x 121 x 153 mm with the platform and 201 x 124 x 25 mm without the platform. This translates into a 7 L tank capacity (minimum fill of 2.5 l), which enables the user to work with big parts or batches of multiple objects.

The intuitive operation of the Wash and Cure machines

Image 2: The intuitive operation of the Wash and Cure machines. Source: Elegoo.

The 7 L tank is secured with a rubber sealing strip and a potent turbine that effieciently cleans models from excess uncured resin. This design also prevents liquid splashing and volatilization, keeping the post-processing workflow safe and clean. The parts can be either removed from the build platform and placed in the included basket for cleaning or the entire platform can be directly hung from the cleaning stand for convenience.

Mercury XS Cure

The Mercury XS Cure post-curing station also boasts a compact design with dimensions of 246 x 230 x 363.5 mm and a weight of 2.4 kg. The maximum post-curing volume is 200 x 206 mm with even 360° exposure and a uniform wavelength of 405 nm. This is achieved thanks to the station's automatic aluminum turntable, two adjustable L-shaped light bars (each with 14 UV LED lamps), four UV LED balls installed under the turntable and a powerful Fresnel lens. Furthermore, this kit includes a manual UV lamp (pen) ideal for the thorough post-curing of nooks and crannies, the inside of 3D prints, or assembled models.

The powerful curing capabilities of the Mercury XS Cure device

Image 3: The powerful curing capabilities of the Mercury XS Cure device. Source: Elegoo.

Just like Mercury XS Wash, Mercury XS Cure has a very user-friendly and intuitive design. The machine is operated with the help of a knob that can be turned and pressed to choose the desired washing and curing settings. The UV cover included with the Mercury XS Cure machine can block 99.9% of ultraviolet rays, protecting the user's sight, just like the included safety goggles. What's more, when the cover is removed during curing, the machine will automatically switch off the UV lamps to prevent injuries.

What's in the box?

The Mercury XS washing and curing staions arrive disassembled and must be mounted by the user in only a few simple steps. The bundle contains the following elements:

  • The Mercury XS Wash base and Mercury XS Cure base.
  • Two L-shaped curing lights.
  • Anti-UV cover for Mercury XS Cure.
  • Cleaning bucket and washing basket for Mercury XS Wash.
  • Handheld UV lamp and UV protective goggles.
  • Adapter, manual and tools for assembly (allen wrench and screws).

The contents of the Mercury XS bundle

Image 4: The contents of the Mercury XS bundle. Source: Elegoo.

The user manual can also be downloaded from the Downloads section of this product. In it, the user will not only find the assembly instructions but also tips on how to use and maintain the machines, most frequent problems, user safety recommendations, etc. 

ModelMercury XS Wash + Cure
Manufacturer Elegoo
UV light 405 nm
Weight Wash: 2.27 kg
Cure: 2.4 kg
Size of Mercury XS Wash 255 x 155 x 385.5 mm
Washing bucket volume 7 L
Maximum wash volume With platform: 180 x 121 x 153 mm
Without platform: 201 x 124 x 255 mm
Size of Mercury XS Cure 246 x 230 x 363.5 mm
Maximum curing volume 200 x 260 mm
Input 110 V/240 V 50/60 Hz
Power Wash: 12 W
Wash: 36 W


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