Worldwide known company thanks to its wide range of products aimed at different sectors, such as industrial, aeronautical equipment, and other more everyday such as adhesive tapes and batteries.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

3M: Innovation and continued development

In 1902 the Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company was founded and 3M was born, with the initial idea of making sandpaper. However, years later it would become one of the companies with the most international presence thanks to its large investment in R&D.

Always innovating and developing new products for emerging sectors, such as 3D printing, where they have created adhesion oriented products with application for this field.

3M: Blue Tape for adhesion in 3D printing

Blue Tape is the perfect solution to guarantee the subjection of the 3D printed part in the printing base, and thus, to reduce the warping effect in prints where the temperature of the print bed is below 40 °C, especially in materials easy to print such as PLA or PETG. One of its highlights is its easy removal without waste.