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Palette knife for application of Kapton Tape



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The Palette Knife is an indispensable tool for not to damage the Kapton Tape during his application.

Spatula for application of Kapton Tape is a must to avoid damaging the Kapton Tape during application tool. When it comes to surfaces of medium-large size it is very important to use to facilitate work properly position the Kapton Tape on the motherboard of the 3D printer. (No wrinkles or air bubbles).

Has to attach placing the fingertip in the central part, between the two protuberances. One of the flat extremes has to remain shut inside the palm of the hand and the another is the one who has to be in contact with the Kapton Tape. It has to avoid use the singings with too much pressure and always has to try that the palette knife was horizontal, all the parallel to the surface of the possible Kapton Tape.

Dimensions 100 x 70 x 5 mm
HS Code 8203.2


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