Loklik was born from the desire to create the perfect cutting machine and accompanying materials and accessories. With the mission to make artistic expression easy, safe and unlimited, Loklik aspires to become an all-in-one DIY machine platform. 

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Showing 1 - 21 of 21 items

In their vast offer of DIY machines, accessories and materials, Loklik have a cutting machine, a heater press, as well as numerous materials and tools that go together with the Loklik machines and give the users the opportunity to create safely and witohut limitations.

Loklik's ambition is to become a one-stop service for DIY activities. This includes an image resource platform (Loklik Workshop) where users can find free designs to use in their projects, as well a graphic design software Loklik IdeaStudio, and an ample library of hardware and software tutorial videos, and inspirational craft videos.

The Loklik devices are designed to not only guarantee easy and safe use, but also to be as compact and portable as possible. This makes the Loklik cutting machines and heater presses versatile DIY machines that can be used by creators as well as families and students to execute creative projects with quality Loklik tools and materials.