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Portable heat press with adjustable heating modes and automatic shutoff.

The ImPress Mini heat press one of the heat presses offered by Loklik. Although small (230 x 130 x 80 mm), light (about 600 g) and portable, the ImPress Mini heat press is capable of delivering the highest quality in a quick and safe way

Video 1: How to use the ImPress Mini heat press. Source: Loklik.

The ceramic-coated heating plate (66 x 110 mm) heats up fast and in a uniform way, which guarantees quick and reliable results. ImPress Mini offers 3 different heating modes: a low temperature mode (up to 140 ºC), a medium temperature mode (up to 160 ºC), and a high temperature mode (up to 180 ºC).

The Loklik ImPress Mini heat press

Image 1: The Loklik ImPress Mini heat press. Source: Loklik.

Working with ImPress Mini is safe since the device is certified with FCC and UL certifications, has multi-layer thermal insulation and an insulated safety base, as well as an automatic shutdown feature (after 10 minutes of inactivity).

ImPress Mini can be used in an educational setting

Image 2: ImPress Mini can be used in an educational setting. Source: Loklik.

ImPress Mini can work with a wide range of materials. The recommended settings are shown in Table 1:

MaterialsBase materialsSettingsNote
PU HTV Cotton, polyester, etc. Mode 1: 140 ºC, 15 seconds Pressure: medium, cold/warm peel
Glitter HTV Cotton, polyester, etc. Mode 2: 160 ºC, 15 seconds Pressure: medium, cold/warm peel
Sublimation paper Cotton ≤30 %, polyester, etc. Mode 3: 180 ºC, 45 seconds Pressure: medium, cold peel
Heat transfer paper (dark fabric) 100 % cotton Mode 2: 160 ºC, 15 seconds Pressure: heavy
Heat transfer paper (light fabric) 100 % cotton Mode 2: 160 ºC, 15 seconds Pressure: medium
Table 1: ImPress Mini processing parameters for various materials. Source: Loklik.

In combination with other machines from the Loklik offer, for example the Loklik Crafter, the user can create highly customized accessories in a matter of minutes, in high quality and safely. For bigger workloads the ImPress Easy or ImPress Auto heat presses are recommended.

In order to create a one-stop user experience, Loklik offers free software, tutorials and digital resources. The Loklik Workshop platform has an impressive, continuously updated library of thousands of free designs, and the users can also download the Loklik IdeaStudio, a free graphic design program.

Manufacturer Loklik
Package Contents -
Input 120 V
Power Consumption 250 W
Thermal Plate Dimensions 66 x 110 mm
Dimensions 230 x 130 x 80 mm
Weight 621 g
Contents 1x ImPress Mini
1x safety insulation base
1x travel bag
1x instruction manual
HS Code 8516400000


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