Braskem is a global leader in the manufacturing of petrochemicals and thermoplastics, with a commitment to circular economy, carbon neutrality and innovation. The Braskem offer for 3D printing includes PE, PP, PVC, and bio-based and recycled materials. 

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Global presence

Braskem began when six companies from the Odebrecht Organization and the Mariani Group merged in 2002. Since then Braskem has earned itself a place among the top ten largest petrochemical companies in the world when it comes to thermoplastic resin production, and it has established itself as a market leader in the Americas and the world's largest producer of polyolefins, with industrial units located in Brazil, the United States, Mexico, Europe and Asia, and with a numerous customer base in dozens of countries. Braskem is also a pioneer when it comes to the production of biopolymers on an industrial scale.

3D printing solutions

With their expertise and capabilities, entering the world of additive manufacturing was the next logical step for Braskem. As a leading material supplier for AM, Braskem focus on sustainability, innovation and collaboration in all they do. The Braskem offer includes material solutions for FFF and SLS 3D printing, as well as for high-speed pellet extrusion, focusing mainly on polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and recycled and bio-based 3d printing materials (sugar cane, recycled bottle caps, reycled carbon fiber, etc). In order to meet the constantly growing demands of industry and society, Braskem continues to expaind their offer now catering to sectors such as food packaging, home furniture, industrial and automobile components, paints and coatings, and more.

Environmental mission

Braskem has a mission that drives everything they do: improving people's lives with sustainable solutions through chemicals and plastics. They put it into practice on a daily basis by committing to circular economy, carbon neutrality and investment in innovation, not only in production but also in operations and business relationships. Braskem guide their decisions by their global Sustainable Development strategy, taking into account such aspects as climate change, efficient water use and proper disposal of post-consumption waste. Transparency, accountability, competence, integrity and safety are Braskem's non-negotiable values that ensure the company's continuity and success.