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Single nozzle Delta 3D printer with a filament sensor, air filters and Bowden extrusion.

Delta 3D printers are unique mechanically and structurally despite using the Cartesian coordinates in their functioning. Delta 3D printers are designed for fast high accuracy 3D printing. Mass Portal, a Latvian designer and manufacturer of high quality 3D printers and peripherals, has a fine example of a Delta printer in their catalog - the MP30 FFF/FDM 3D printer.

The MP30 is a very precise 3D printer with automatic calibration to compensate for nozzle height variations, an all metal hotend (0.4 mm nozzle included) and feeder with a Bowden extrusion system, a filament sensor, overheating protection and a touch screen interface. The printhead can travel at a speed of 250 mm/s on precision linear guideways.

Printhead of MP30

Image 1: The printhead of the MP30 3D printers. Source: Mass Portal.

The build volume within the enclosed illuminated printing chamber of the MP30 3D printer is Ø 300 mm x 300 mm. In order to improve the cooling of the 3D printed part, the chamber is equipped with multiple fans, as well as air and active carbon filters to limit the fumes and microparticles from escaping the chamber.

The glass printed bed

Image 2: The glass printing bed and air filters of the MP30 3D printer. Source: Mass Portal.

The MP30 hotend can process 1.75 mm filaments at temperatures of up to 300 ºC. This allows the user to work with a wide range of materials such as PLA, ABS, ASA, PET(g), Nylon, PC, PP or TPU/TPE. The round glass printing bed of the MP30 3D printer is compatible with various bed adhesion products. It takes the printing bed only 5 minutes to heat up to a temperature of up to 120 ºC.

The glass printed bed

Image 2: The user interface of the MP30 3D printer. Source: Mass Portal.

Just like all Mass Portal 3D printers and peripherals, the MP30 3D printer can be controlled either through the integrated touchscreen user interface or through the FabControl AM Platform. Both options allow the user to control, configure and monitor the 3D printing process as well as the filament drying process if the Mass Portal filament dryers FD1 or FD5 are used. The FabControl platform also sends status notifications to the user, informing about the end of the printing session as well as any occurrences during the printing process. The MP30 3D printer has USB 2.0, Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity. The latter allows the user to access the FabControl platform.

Both professional and beginner users can benefit from the many excellent features of the MP30 3D printer. The straightforward user interface, diverse connectivity options and safety features make the MP30 3D printer safe and convenient to use even in a domestic setting, helping the user create a smooth and efficient 3D printing workflow. The high extrusion and bed temperature mean that a wide range of polymers can be used with the MP30 3D printer. In order to eliminate the potential extrusion and quality problems related to humidity in filaments, the FD1 and FD5 filament dryers can be used together with the Mass Portal 3D printers.

In order to improve adhesion of the 3D printed part to the glass printing surface of the MP30 3D printer, it is recommended to use adhesives in accordance with the polymer extruded. There are many adhesive products available for glass surfaces, for example the DimaFix or 3DLac adhesive sprays or the liquid adhesives with applicators - Magigoo, 3DLac Stick or the Smart Stick adhesives. Adhesive sticks with applicators are safer for air transport.

The glass printing bed of the MP30 3D printer should be regularly cleaned of any glue or filament residue with a scraper by applying firm and even pressure. The glass surface should be wiped before each printing session and cleaned thoroughly approximately once a month or according to needs. For that a cloth soaked with a small amount of IPA alcohol or acetone can be used. Protective gloves should always be used when handling IPA alcohol or acetone to protect the user’s skin as well as avoid leaving greasy fingerprints on the glass build surface. Glass printing surfaces can also be cleaned with warm soapy water but only if they can be removed from the 3D printer.

ModelMP30 Mass Portal
Manufacturer  Mass Portal
Technology FDM/FFF
Certificates -
Printer properties
Print volume  ⌀300 mm x 300 mm
No. of extruders 1
Extruder type Bowden
Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Nozzle diameter included 0.4 mm
Optional nozzle diameters -
Screen Touch 
Integrated camera- -
Electronics -
Firmware -
End of filament sensor Yes
Printing surface glass plate
 Self-levelling Yes
Air filter -
Printing properties
Positioning resolution (XY) -
Positioning resolution (Z) -
Layer height -
Max. print speed 250 mm/s
Max. extrusion temperature 300 ºC
Max. base temperature 120 ºC
Heated chamber -
Software and connectivity
Software -
Supported files .stl, .obj, .3mf, .gcode (up to 150MB)
Connectivity USB 2.0, Ethernet, Wi-Fi
Electrical properties
Input -
Output -
Consumption 565W
Dimensions and weight
Printer dimensions 425 x 470 x 855 mm
Printer weight 40 Kg
HS Code 8477.59

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