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PrintaKit is the set of tools that every user of a 3D FDM printer needs.

Every user of a 3D printer needs a series of tools, both to prepare and perform 3D printing, and to perform a subsequent maintenance. For all this, the PrintaKit tool kit is ideal, in which it consists of 37 high quality elements. The elements of which the PrintaKit consists are the following:

-Calibration card: One of the most important parts to take into account before making a 3D impression is that the base is perfectly level. For this, this kit has some leveling cards that provide the perfect distance between the base and the nozzle. To know how to perform the leveling and calibration of the base you can follow the indications of the following link.

-PrintFix: To avoid the warping effect on all 3D prints, a quality fixative spray is neededPrintaFix acts effectively in both cold and hot printing foundations and in a multitude of materials (PLA, ABS, PET-G, TPU, most Nylons, filaments with fibres, wood filamentsPVA and even, whenever it is with hot base, with some PC and PC-ABS.). To facilitate the cleaning of this product, it's recommended to use PrintaClean, an effective solvent developed specifically for use in 3D printing.PrintaFix

Image 1: PrintaFix. Source: AprintaPro


-Scraper: Utensil to detach the part of the printing base once 3D printing is finished. First the base of the printer is removed and it rests on a smooth surface. With one hand, hold the scraper and with another hand the base (we recommend using the gloves included in the PrintaKit). With slow strokes between the base and piece try to take off the piece, always with care. Depending on the type of piece and material the spatula is needed to perform this operation.

AprintaPro Scraper

Image 2: Scraper to separate parts from the base. Source: AprintaPro


-Spatula: This tool is very necessary, especially if you can't detach the piece from the base with the scraper. The process to follow to detach the piece is the same as with the scraper. Once the 3D printing is finished, the base of the printer is removed and placed on a smooth surface, then, with one hand grasping the base and with the other the spatula (always using the gloves included in the PrintaKit) a little bit of pressure, accompanied by slight movements, between the base and the piece until it begins to detach. It's done in the same process for the rest of the piece until it's completely detached. Be very careful and never grab the base in the direction of the spatula's path.

AprintaPro Spatula

Image 3: Spatula to separate parts from the base. Source: AprintaPro


-Precision knife: This knife is very useful when removing small imperfections or scraps of material on the piece printed in 3D. With the precision knife it will be very easy to touch up the pieces to achieve a perfect finish.

AprintaPro Precision knife

Image 4: AprintaPro Precision knife. Source: AprintaPro


-Cleaning needles: One of the ways to solve a jam in the HotEnd is the use of precision needles. The method of use is very simple, you should only heat the HotEnd up to the extrusion temperature of the material that has generated the jam, once it's hot, introduce the needle by nozzle between 10mm and 30mm about 3 or 4 times. To finish it's verified that the jam has been solved. If it's not solved, the operation is repeated.

Precision needles

Image 5: Precision needles 

-L-wrench and Allen keys: Most nozzlesextruders and even 3D printers have the same types of screws. The L-Wrench is perfect for changing the nozzles feasily quickly (only valid for standard nozzles). The Allen keys are not only useful for the assembly, disassembly and maintenance of the extruder, but they are valid for the maintenance of the entire 3D printer.

-Tweezers: Many times during the use of the 3D printer threads are generated material that must be removed from the tip of the nozzle. In this case you should use the tweezers and avoid doing it with your fingers to prevent burns when touching the HotEnd hot zone.

Tweezers for 3D printing AprintaPro

Image 6: Tweezers for 3D printing AprintaPro. Source: AprintaPro


-Long nose plier: This tool is appropriate to remove the supports generated in a 3D printing needed to perform cantilevers, especially in areas of difficult access, such as inside holes. To make this process easier and easier, it must be done right after finishing 3D printing.

Long nose plier AprintaPro

Image 7: Long nose plier AprintaPro. Source: AprintaPro


-Side cutter: This type of pliers has many functions, which help the user of a 3D printer. A very useful function is to remove supports that aren't needed or cut small structures. On the other hand, the key is to cut the filament diagonally so that it's much easier to insert it into the extruder.

Side cutter AprintaPro

Image 8: Side cutter AprintaPro. Source: AprintaPro 


The PrintaKit incorporates everything necessary for the processes of pre-printing, printing and post-printing for all users of a 3D printer. It's therefore the It is therefore the indispensable tool case for any type of 3D printing user..

Manufacturer AprintaPro
Kit content 5x Calibration card
1x PrintaFix
1x Scraper
3x Scraper blades
1x Spatula
1x Precision knife
5x Precision knife blades
5x Cleaning needles
1x L-Wrench
1x Allen keys
1x Tweeers
1x Long nose plier
1x Side cutter
1x Safety glasses
1x Pair of safety gloves
1x Manual
HS Code 8203.2

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