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3DLac Stick adhesive with applicator, compatible with many surfaces and materials.

Proper adhesion of the extruded material to the 3D printing base is a crucial factor in successful 3D prints as it helps prevent layer misplacement, warping and deformations. There are many reasons for adhesion problems, also depending on the filament used, and as many solutions, from adjusting the bed and ambient temperatures, choosing certain slicing software settings, or using tapes and special build surfaces to applying sprays (such as 3DLac Spray) or adhesion liquids, such as the 3DLac Stick. As opposed to the 3DLac Spray, the 3DLac Stick is safe for airfreight shipment.

The 3DLac Stick comes in a bottle with an applicator for easy and even distribution

Image 1: The 3DLac Stick comes in a bottle with an applicator for easy and even distribution. Source: 3DLac.

The 3DLac Stick is a handy and versatile solution for adhesion problems in 3D printing. It comes in liquid format, in an 80 ml bottle with an applicator. This facilitates application, allows for control over the amount of adhesive used, and a more precise and even distribution of the product on the printing base.

Application of the 3DLac Stick on a 3D printing surface

Image 2: Application of the 3DLac Stick on a 3D printing surface. Source: 3DLac.

The 3DLack Stick was specially designed for FFF/FDM 3D printing. Its formula not only helps firmly fix the 3D printed part to the printing base but also facilitates the removal of the part at the end of the 3D printing process. The 3DLac Stick adhesive dries quickly, lasts very long and is compatible with multiple materials and 3D printing surfaces. Depending on the 3D printed material, the effect may vary, which is why it is highly recommended to test the 3DLac Stick with certain materials (ABSPPNylon or advanced polymers) before 3D printing the final part.

Before use the 3DLac Stick should be well shaken. It should always be applied on a clean and dry surface by gently pressing the applicator against the printing surface for a few seconds until the product starts flowing. The sides of the bottle should not be pressed too firmly as it will result in the applicator falling out and the product spilling. The product should be spread in a thin and uniform layer and allowed to dry before the 3D printing process is initiated.

The 3DLack Stick should be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. The cap should be put back on the bottle after each use, as failing to do so will cause the applicator to dry.

The printing base should be allowed to cool down (at least to 30 ºC) before the part is removed from the printing bed. The special formula of the 3DLac Stick facilitates the removal of the part but it should be done very carefully nonetheless. If the removal is problematic, the part with the base can be placed in a fridge and the piece will be released only with a light touch.

Manufacturer Laboratorios Belloch
Quantity 80 ml / 2.7 fl.oz
Dimensions 140 x 35 mm
HS Code 3506.9


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