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    LAY-CLOUD is designed to be used as support material with flexible filaments (FilaFlex TPE, Flexfill TPU, etc.)

    LAY-CLOUD filament is a water-soluble filament like PVA, but the main difference between them is that LAY-CLOUD is the first filament on the market specifically designed to be used as a support material with flexible filaments such as the FilaFlex or NinjaFlex TPE, Flexfill TPU, and other flexible or semi-flexible materials.

    It has been shown that it is the soluble filament with greater adhesion to flexible filaments such as TPU. Once the flexible part is inserted with the LAY-CLOUD support material, the latter is to be dissolved in a liquid residue. Isn´t usually appreciated how important it is to be able to separate the supports without causing damage to the final piece when trying to remove them, that is why the LAY-CLOUD filament, being a water soluble material to combine with flexible materials, will never have this problem.

    LAY-CLOUD filament is also positioned in a range of printing temperatures similar to those of HiPS (230-240 ° C), which together with PVA is the other great material used as a carrier material. The great disadvantage of HiPS is that it is removed with D-Limonene solvent. D-Limonene has a high cost (compared to water), it is polluting and has an odor that persists for a certain time.

    Therefore, the LAY-CLOUD 3D printing filament is an excellent support material for flexible parts that need support structures for which a 3D printer with double extruder  is required. After completing the 3D printing of the piece, simply place it in a container with cold or hot water for a few hours so that this LAY-CLOUD support material dissolves completely and there is no trace of it (Hot water will accelerate the dissolution process Of LAY-CLOUD, although in cold water it is totally soluble).

    Because it is a water-soluble material it is imperative to store this material in a dry environment. For this, the 250 gram LAY-CLOUD coils come inside a self-sealing bag to isolate the filament from moisture in the air. With the LAY-CLOUD filament, you will be able to make your FFF / FDM 3D printer with unimaginable parts if it were not for the help of this revolutionary filament. LAY-CLOUD filament is developed and manufactured by the prestigious manufacturer of filaments for 3D printing Lay filaments, inventor among other filaments to this day very widespread in the market such as Lay-Brick, Lay-Wood, , MoldLayPoro-Lay, etc.

    It is not necessary to have a warm bed in order to print with LAY-CLOUD. It is recommended to apply 3DLac or Blue Tape to the base of the printer for better adhesion. Depending on the printing parameters used (nozzle diameter, print speed or layer height), it is likely that the optimum printing temperature can vary for each 3D printer.

    • Place of manufacture: Lay Filaments in Europe.
    • Material: LAY-CLOUD
    • Printing temperature: 230 °C-240 °C
    • Ideal bed temperature: Optional. It is not necessary to have a warm bed.
    • Roll dimension without reel (Ø): 200 mm
    • Smells and fumes: No smells and smoke when printing.
    • Color: Natural - Bright Green
    • The color difference that the filament can present does not affect the physical or technical properties of the material
    • Net Weight: 0.25 Kg
    • Weight with packaging: 0,75 Kg
    • Filament diameter: 1.75 mm or 2,85 mm
    • HS Code: 3916.9

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