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    Highlights its great adhesion, strength and flexibility. Ideal for printing large pieces.

    BendLay is a filament made from butadiene, this component provides strength and flexibility. It also has a polycarbonate-like appearance and is therefore semi-transparent (allows the passage of more than 90% of the light it receives). In addition Butadiene is used in many products for food use, so if your 3D printer meets the requirements for food use printing pieces with this filament BendLay can make cups, glasses, plates, etc.

    The development of this filament was performed by Kai-Parthy. It was based on the development of BendLay from ABS. BendLay filament compared to the ABS has a lower water absorption (About 30% of ABS).

    It is a semi-flexible between the PLA and the ABS alternative. The thermal stability (softening temperature) is similar to the PLA (around 65 ºC).

    One of the main problems is that some filaments being flexed or bent suffer whitening phenomenon in the zone of maximum flexure. This problem doesn´t occur with printed pieces BendLay.

    BendLay is sensitive to acetone and one of the great advantages is its high adhesion between layers that make it ideal for large pieces material.

    BendLay filament due to its flexibility during printing prevents the effect "warping" appears. Anyway it is always advisable to use Blue Tape, Kapton Tape, 3DLac o BuildTak  to minimize the possible occurrence of the warping effect.

    It is an easy print filament. The recommended printing temperature (nozzle) is 235 °C, although the temperature range in which can be printed can vary from 215 °C to 240 °C.

    • Plastic Type: BendLay (Butadiene)
    • Manufacturer: Orbi-Tech in Europe
    • Color: Natural
    • Transparency: 90% Translucent
    • Diameter: 1.75mm or 3mm
    • Nozzle temperature: 235ºC
    • Print base temperature: Ambient temperature
    • Net Weigth: 750gr
    • Spool diameter: 200mm
    • Spool Width: 60mm
    • Inner hole diameter: 52mm
    • Shipping Weight: 1.2Kg
    • Ships Dimensions: 220x220x75mm
    • HS Code: 3916.9

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