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    The Form Wash is an automated washing center for 3D prints made with FormLabs Form 2.

    Form Wash is one of the elements that FormLabs has to automate the post-processing of parts manufactured in Form 2.

    Form Wash

    Image 1: From Wash. Source: FormLabs


    Once an impression is completed on Form 2, the printing base (including the part) is removed and inserted into the Form Wash, without the need to put gloves on or take off the part of the printing base. Once placed in the Form Wash, the appropriate time must be chosen for each type of resin, which is approximately 15 minutes with isopropyl alcohol (IPA). During the wash an agitator moves all the fluid so that it reaches all corners of the piece and evenly. Once the programmed time has elapsed, the piece automatically rises to stop being in contact with the alcohol and dry in the open air. This prevents the piece from softening or even becoming deformed by being too long in contact with the IPA.

    Form Wash

    Image 2: Automatic lifting. Source: FormLabs


    The Form Wash has a capacity of 8.6 liters of isopropyl alcohol, enough to wash approximately 70 impressions. The Form Wash has two elements that help the user know when to change alcohol. One is the hydrometer, which controls the saturation of the IPA and indicates when it is recommended to change it. The other is a siphon pump that makes it very easy to transfer the IPA in and out of the wash bucket.

    It is advisable for all users of Form 2 to have a Form Wash to automate post-processing and at the same time save time and money.

    When larger, and for the printing process to be fully automated, FormLabs has a curing unit called Form Cure, necessary to achieve the maximum mechanical properties of each type of resin.

    Video 1: Form 2 Ecosystem. Source: FormLabs

    It's recommended that every user of a FormLabs Form 2 have a Form Wash and a Form Cure to fully automate the entire process of obtaining the final piece with the best mechanical properties it offers for resin type.

    Video 1: Ecosystem Form 2. Source: FormLabs
    • Fabricant: FormLabs.
    • Model: Form Wash.
    • Included Accessories:

    1x Wash Bucket.
    1x Wash Basket.
    1x Hydrometer.
    1x Siphon Pump.
    1x Part Removal Tool.
    1x Scraper.
    1x Tweezers.
    1x Flush Cutters.

    • Physical dimensions:

    Overall dimensions: 260 x 293 x 340 mm
    Weight: 7kg
    Bucket Volume: 8.7L

    • Maximum part size:

    145 x 145 x 175 mm

    • Suggested Operating Environment:

    18 - 28 ºC

    • Electrical properties:

    Input: AC 90-240V / AC 2A / 50-60Hz / 50W

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