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  • Nylon PolyMide™ CoPA (PA6.6)

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    PolyMide™ CoPA 3D printing filament is based on a copolymer of Nylon 6 and Nylon 6,6.

    PolyMide™ CoPA 3D printing filament is based on a copolymer of Nylon 6 and Nylon 6,6.

    Polyamide 6 (PA6) is the most common extruded polyamide. It stands out in the industry for offering good cushioning and impact resistance properties, as well as good tenacity at low temperatures. It is ideal for example for bearings and gears since they would work silently.

    This filament manufactured by Polymaker stands out for its excellent mechanical strength, hardness and thermal resistance of up to 180 °C. Therefore it is equated in thermal resistance to Nylon 180 °C and is placed at only 30 °C of resistance of NylonStrong that supports up to 210 °C of temperature without softening. Therefore, the PolyMide ™ CoPA filament becomes one of the most current materials on the market with greater resistance to temperature.

    The main advantage of this mixture of Polyamides 6 and 6.6 is that it is designed to provide excellent dimensional stability during printing, with deformations close to zero, which implies that the warping effect is minimal. One of the main printing problems of all nylon filaments is precisely the high warping effect they present, hence the main development effort by Polymaker has been to launch a nylon oriented to the ease of printing.

    Therefore, unlike other nylon filaments, PolyMide™ CoPa is easy to print, as it is compatible with most 3D FFF printers on the market without the need for a heated chamber or heated bed at high temperatures.

    Like all nylon filaments, the PolyMide™ CoPA filament has a high sensitivity to moisture and should be kept in dry conditions (relative humidity of 20% or less) at all times. It is recommended that the material be used with PolyBox™.

    Nylon PolyMide™ CoPA filament has been designed with the purpose of minimizing the warping effect, but it is still highly recommended to follow certain usage tips.

    The use of Raft is recommended to eliminate possible contractions in the printing of the piece. It is also advisable to program the Brim, although the effect will be less and there could be a minimum appearance of warping in the base depending on the geometry of the piece.

    It is essential to use the high-performance DimaFix intelligent lacquer to ensure adhesion to the hot bed and thus reduce the warping effect.

    At the end of the printing of the piece, if it takes off very quickly from the base, contractions may occur at the base of the piece due to the abrupt change in temperature. Because of this it is advisable to use the 5x5 rule, which consists of just after the end of printing, lower the temperature of the warm bed 5ºC and be at that temperature for 5 minutes. After this period, carry out the same operation again until the temperature of the base is approximately 50 ° C, so that the final piece can be detached without deformation.

    Finally, if it is necessary to use support material, it is recommended to use PVA.

    • Type of plastic: PolyMide ™ CoPA (PA6 + PA6.6)
    • Manufacturer: Polymaker
    • Color: Black
    • Diameter: 1.75mm or 2.85mm
    • Tolerance (maximum) in diameter: ± 0.05mm
    • Ideal nozzle temperature (printing): 250-265ºC
    • Thermal degradation temperature: 370ºC
    • Printing base temperature: Below 70ºC
    • Net Quantity: 750gr
    • Softening temperature / Thermal resistance [ASTM D1525]: 180 ° C
    • Print speed: 40-60 mm / s
    • Retraction: 3-6 mm
    • Retraction speed: 40-60 mm / s
    • Do not use layer fan
    • Diameter coil: 200mm
    • Coil width: 46.5mm
    • Inside hole diameter: 55mm
    • Shipping weight: 1.2 Kg
    • HS Code: 3916.9
    • Density: 1.12 g/cm3


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