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Easy to change nozzle with extreme wear resistance. Only for the Prusa MK4 and XL 3D printers.

Named after obsidian, a versatile magmatic rock highly coveted by early humans, this extremely wear-resistant nozzle by E3D is designed for Prusa MK4 and Prusa XL 3D printers and the Prusa Nextruder. This E3D nozzle is available in two diameters: 0.4 mm or 0.6 mm, and it is specifically optimized for 1.75 mm filaments. With a maximum extrusion temperature of 300 ºC, it proves suitable for a wide range of commodity and engineering plastics. For this nozzle without abrasion-resistant properties please see the original E3D Nozzle for Prusa MK4/XL.

The ObXidian nozzle for Prusa MK4/XL

Image 1: The ObXidian nozzle for Prusa MK4/XL. Source: E3D.

To enhance the user experience, the ObXidian nozzle is shipped with a VCI (vaporized corrosion inhibitor) paper. This paper is chemically coated with a thin, invisible layer of molecules that gradually release gas, preventing oxygen from reaching the nozzle and thus preventing corrosion. The ObXidian nozzle excels in three crucial performance aspects: thermal conductivity, non-stick coating, and wear resistance.

Thermal conductivity

Combining steel and copper elements, the nozzle utilizes these materials for distinct roles. The copper alloy significantly enhances thermal conductivity, ensuring rapid heating and thermal stability. Thanks to this alloy, there's no need to adjust temperature values to compensate for weaker thermal performance, a common requirement for other abrasion-resistant nozzles on the market.

Non-stick coating

Material buildup on the nozzle, a common issue with "sticky" materials like PETG, can lead to failed prints and maintenance challenges. The E3DLC coating addresses this by providing not only wear resistance but also a multi-layered structure with non-stick properties. The non-stick coating on ObXidian facilitates the easy removal of plastic accumulations, resulting in fewer and less noticeable print artifacts.

Generic DLC coating (left) vs. E3DLC coating (right)

Image 2: Generic DLC coating (left) vs. E3DLC coating (right). Source: E3D.

Additionally, nozzle maintenance is simplified, allowing for easy removal of buildup compared to brass nozzles. Unlike the Nozzle X, the ObXidian nozzle can be cleaned with a brass brush or cold pulls without removing the E3DLC coating.

Wear resistance

When 3D printing with abrasive materials like fiber-reinforced filaments or filled filaments, nozzles often suffer irreversible damage, leading to increased wear and altered diameters over time. This ObXidian nozzle boasts wear resistance surpassing generic hardened steel nozzles and even the Nozzle X, comparable to the durability of a ruby tip or tungsten carbide nozzle. This achievement results from combining tool steel inserts with the revolutionary E3DLC coating, specifically developed for this nozzle. The Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating, applied through plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD), offers unparalleled strength, wear resistance, low friction, chemical resistance, and thermal stability. The E3DLC coating ensures the longevity of the ObXidian nozzle, even with highly abrasive materials, except for glow-in-the-dark filament, which can remove the coating at high printing speeds.

Worry-free 3D printing

The ObXidian nozzle by E3D stands out as a premier choice for professionals using Prusa MK4 and Prusa XL 3D printers, and the Prusa Nextruder, offering unparalleled benefits such as astounding wear resistance, exceptional thermal conductivity, easier maintenance, and impeccable parts. This commitment to excellence is further emphasized by the inclusion of VCI paper for corrosion prevention during shipping, making the ObXidian nozzle a reliable and high-performance solution for professionals in the 3D printing industry.

It is highly recommended to refrain from touching the nozzle when in use or in cooldown to avoid burns. Before attempting to install and use the nozzle, the user should thoroughly study the nozzle replacement guides for Prusa MK4 and for Prusa XL. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage to the hotend or 3D printer due to incorrect installation or use.

The nozzle's technical datasheet can be consulted on the E3D website.

Manufacturer E3D
Material Copper and hardened steel
Type -
Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Nozzle diameter 0.4 mm, 0.6 mm
Maximum temperature 300 ºC
Compatibility Prusa MK4 / Prusa XL
Weight -
HS Code 8477.9


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