E3D-Online is a manufacturer of high quality FDM 3D printer components specialized in extruders, HotEnd and nozzles. The key to its success is the relationship of quality and price offered by its products and the ease of adapting to each 3D printer.

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Showing 1 - 47 of 47 items

E3D-Online: Quality and experience

E3D-Online is a manufacturer of 3D FDM printer components specialized in the filament extrusion section (extruders, HotEnd and nozzles). All its products, especially its brass nozzles, have incredible geometric tolerances and a high level surface finish, which is achieved thanks to micro polishing.

In 2012, its founders acquired one of the first Mendel 3D printers on the market. Soon, they observe that the HotEnd of this printer needs a modification, being born of this need the first HotEnd of E3D-Online: the E3D-v4. A couple of years later and thanks to the success of its HotEnds, the HotEnd v6, is born, a HotEnd with an improved design, manufactured in great detail and more compact than its predecessor. From this point on, E3D-Online develops a range of 3D printing products that are leaders in sales and always one step ahead of their competitors. These products include its brass nozzles, the HotEnd Volcano, the Titan Aero extruder, among others.

Products that adapt to each print

E3D-Online has always stood out for solving problems that arise from the development and evolution of 3D FDM printing. Its range includes nozzles of all types: brass for printing with conventional filaments, hardened steel for abrasive filaments, stainless steel for filaments that are in contact with food and steel for filament tools that need high extrusion temperatures. Most of these nozzles are available in different output diameters and in version v6 and volcano.

In addition to the aforementioned HotEnd v6, E3D-Online has the Titan and Titan Aero, extruders, two components that increase the printing speed and ensure that the filament flow is constant.

Components for industrial prints

Due to the evolution of 3D FDM printing with the development of industrial and advanced materials, this manufacturer has developed components for 3D printers capable of using these filaments.

The Nozzle X is a nozzle made of a tool steel for the manufacture of utensils that are constantly exposed to friction and shock. To complement the hardness of tool steel, nickel plating has been added to all nozzle walls. These properties allow printing advanced materials (450 °C extruder) with fiber, such as PEKK-Carbon Fiber or PEI-Carbon Fiber,  without problems of wear or jams.