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Drying case for storing filaments and keeping them in optimum condition during printing.

Fiber Three is a manufacturer of 3D printing materials specialised in the development of technical filaments, especially polyamide filaments. Within its catalogue of materials, they have filaments reinforced with carbon fibre or glass fibre. In addition, they have accessories such as drying cases and printing surfaces to create a complete ecosystem that enhances the 3D printing process with nylon filaments.

Nylon (PA) is undoubtedly one of the most widely used materials in FDM 3D printing at a technical level. This is because this material meets the mechanical requirements for demanding applications in various sectors, whether for the manufacture of prototypes or functional end parts.

Ultmaker 3D printer with Fiber Three cases.

Image 1: Ultimaker 3D printer with F3 Safe cases. Source: Fiber Three.

However, when 3D printing nylon filaments, certain factors must be taken into account, as it is generally a very hygroscopic material. This means that it is a material with a tendency to absorb moisture from the surrounding environment.

The use of a filament with moisture can directly affect the quality of the parts and the mechanical properties of the material. Therefore, in addition to working with a 3D printer that has the right characteristics for 3D printing nylon filament, the user must store and handle the filament in the right conditions.

Fiber Three has developed F3 Safe, a case for filament spools that allows the material to be stored and kept free of moisture during the 3D printing process.

F3 Safe Lite.

Imagen 2: F3 Safe Light. Fuente:  Fiber Three.

F3 Safe is available in two formats to suit different coil dimensions:

  • F3 Safe Light: Compatible with a coil up to 200 mm outer diameter.
    F3 Safe Long Run: Compatible with a coil up to 300 mm outside diameter.

In addition, the user can choose the appropriate filament diameter for their printing equipment, either 1.75 mm or 2.85 mm.

F3 Safe consists of a box with a high quality seal to keep the inside of the box under control. Inside, there is a mechanism where the filament spool fits, allowing it to rotate smoothly during the printing process. This mechanism has self-centring roller guides with adjustable brakes that keep the spool centred and prevent the filament from unwinding freely.

F3 Safe Long Run.

Image 3: F3 Safe Long Run. Source: Fiber Three.

The F3 Safe cases have a large viewing panel through which the user can monitor the humidity level at all times thanks to the integrated hygrometer. This differentiating feature compared to other products guarantees total control of the condition of the material at all times.

The F3 Safe drying case has been designed for professional use, taking into account the needs of users and companies that work with hygroscopic filaments on a regular basis. For this reason, the cases are equipped with a carrying handle for easy transport of the material. For more information, please visit the product usage tips section.


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In addition to their material maintenance features, F3 Safe Light and F3 Safe Long Run allow the user to secure the material by means of a padlock.

The user must take into account the outer diameter of the filament spool to be used as well as the diameter of the filament to choose the compatible product version.

The following points should be taken into account when using the product:

  1. The case is watertight as long as the filament tube is kept closed. In case of overpressure/underpressure, 100% tightness cannot be guaranteed.
  2. Moisture can enter through the tubing, especially during the spool change process. This can lead to an increase in the humidity level over time, as F3 Safe does not provide any active drying.
  3. The hygrometer is intended to monitor humidity changes inside the case over time, especially if the case is used for storage of sensitive filaments. The hygrometer is not calibrated.
  4. For humidity levels above 30% it is recommended to check the print quality and, if necessary, dry the filament with a filament dryer such as Print Dry Pro.
  5. The turning resistance of the spool guide can be adjusted by means of the screw in the centre of the spool guide. Adjustment is recommended to prevent uncontrolled twisting.
  6. Under no circumstances should acetone-based cleaners be used for the plastic windows of F3 Safe cases.
Manufacturer Fiber Three
Product F3 Safe Light
F3 Safe Long Run
Filament diameter F3 Safe Light: 1.75 or 2.85 mm
F3 Safe Long Run: 1.75 or 2.85 mm
Conector Pneumatic tube connector: 4 or 6 mm
Compatible spool properties
Spool diameter (outside) F3 Safe Light: < 200 mm
F3 Safe Long Run: < 300 mm
Spool diameter (inner bore) F3 Safe Light: 52 - 54 mm
F3 Safe Long Run: 52 - 54 mm
Spool width F3 Safe Light: < 100 mm
F3 Safe Long Run: < 100 mm
Additional information
Dimensions F3 Safe Light: 336 x 300 x 148 mm
F3 Safe Long Run: 500 x 410 x 145 mm
Weight F3 Safe Light: 1.85 Kg
F3 Safe Long Run: 2.96 kg
HS Code 8516.8


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