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Range of materials that covers all the needs of the dental sector, valid for all types of 3D printers.

HARZ Labs is a resin manufacturer with extensive experience in chemical products, especially polymers, which develops and produces high quality materials for all types of 3D resin printer technologies (DLP / LCD, SLA, CJP and others).

The range of HARZ Labs Dental Resin has materials that cover all the needs of the dental sector, facilitating and optimizing the majority of manufacturing processes they perform.

     Dental Cast

     Dental Clear

     Dental Yellow Clear

     Dental Peach

     Dental Sand

     Dental Pink

     Dental Soft Pink

     Dental RO

All these resins are odorless and do not cause irritation because they do not contain volatile components such as solvents, monomers or other type of irritating compound, which allows these resins to be used in any space that has natural ventilation, without the need for forced ventilation. Other properties that share these materials, less Dental Cast, is biocompatibility and low contraction. Biocompatibility is achieved by producing these resins with the same raw material used for tooth fillings, a photopolymer that complies with ISO 10993. The low shrinkage, less than 0.5 %, ensures that the printed part is exactly the same as the 3D model, something crucial in the dental sector.

Dental Cast (LCD / DLP)

HARZ Labs Dental Cast Resin is an ideal material for foundry (casting) dental implants such as crowns, metal bridges and ceramic bridges. Its main advantage is that the percentage of waste in the form of ashes is practically zero (less than 0.1 %), preventing the final pieces from containing some kind of impurity. Another advantage is the precision that is achieved when using this material, both of the printed piece and of the piece obtained after casting. HARZ Labs Dental Cast Resin shows a thermoplastic behavior that provides a fusion in a wide temperature range (250 - 300 ºC), which in turn produces a smooth surface in the final metal parts. In addition, this resin allows a rapid smelting cycle, 30 minutes at 950 °C, in which the resin is completely burned without leaving any remains.

Dental prostheses made with mold HARZ Labs Dental Cast Resin

Image 1: Prótesis dentales fabricadas con molde HARZ Labs Dental Cast Resin. Source: HARZ Labs

Dental Clear (SLA and LCD / DLP)

HARZ Labs Dental Clear Resin is a resin with appearance and hardness similar to PMMA, material developed to print pieces that are used in dental applications, where transparency is one of the most important needs. Unlike other resins, HARZ Labs Dental Clear Resin stands out for its relatively low density, which provides high accuracy for short print times, as well as facilitating the time spent on cleaning the printer. Its great hardness and tensile strength, together with its great transparency and low coloration (yellowing) after curing, makes this resin the ideal material for printing pieces for programming operations, aligners or surgical guides.

Splints made with HARZ Labs Dental Clear Resin

Image 2: Splints made with HARZ Labs Dental Clear Resin. Source: HARZ Labs

Dental Yellow Clear (LCD / DLP)

Like the aforementioned resin, HARZ Labs Dental Yellow Clear Resin is a material with a hardness similar to PMMA, biocompatible (ISO 10993) and with great tensile strength, but with a lower percentage of transparency. This resin has the ability to recreate dental models with the exact size and fit, even in cases where the complexity of the piece is high. Finally, HARZ Labs Dental Yellow Clear Resin has a high heat resistance, being stable continuously with temperatures up to 100 °C and up to 180 °C in short intervals of time, which allows any user to print molds for casting in cold silicone, hot or even molds for two component resins.

Dental model manufactured with HARZ Labs Dental Yellow Clear Resin

Image 3: Dental model manufactured with HARZ Labs Dental Yellow Clear Resin. Source: HARZ Labs

Dental Peach (SLA and LCD / DLP)

With a very peculiar pale orange color, HARZ Labs Dental Peach Resin is a resin composed of biocompatible raw materials that are used in dental products, such as fillings and others that are manufactured with photopolymers. It emphasizes its precision when printing complex dental pieces and its simplicity of use regardless of user level. The pigments and the rest of substances that compose this resin behave in a stable way, property that together with the high resistance to heat and its good mechanical properties, allow to print master models of jaws.

Jaw made with HARZ Labs Dental Peach Resin

Image 4: Jaw made with HARZ Labs Dental Peach Resin. Source: HARZ Labs

Dental Sand (SLA and LCD / DLP)

HARZ Labs Dental Sand Resin is a resin that has the color of the VITA color scale. Dental sand is available in three versions depending on the Vita shade: Dental Sand A1-A2, Dental Sand A3 and Dental Bleach. The VITA color scale is the international reference system used in the dental field to standardize the different shades of teeth that exist and thus reproduce crowns and bridges with complete accuracy. The mechanical properties of this resin are very high: high hardness, tensile, abrasion and scratch resistance; All this thanks to being alloyed with ceramic elements. Another advantage of HARZ Labs Dental Sand Resin is the chemical stability against elements such as solvents and corrosive inorganic products (acids and alkalis). All these properties together make HARZ Labs Dental Sand Resin an ideal material for printing crowns and temporary bridges.

Teeth manufactured with HARZ Labs Dental Sand Resin

Image 5: Teeth manufactured with HARZ Labs Dental Sand Resin. Source: HARZ Labs

Dental Pink (LCD / DLP)

HARZ Labs Dental Pink Resin completes the range of HARZ Labs dental resins. It shows a bright pink color ideal for printing real dental models, simulating the gum area. Its relatively low density provides high precision for short printing times, as well as facilitating the time spent cleaning the printer. Apart from this, it has excellent mechanical properties, tensile strength of 60 MPa, high chemical resistance especially to acids and solvents. This coupled with the stability of the pigments and substances that make up this resin, allows any user to print resistant end pieces.

Gums made with HARZ Labs Dental Pink Resin

Image 6: Gums made with HARZ Labs Dental Pink Resin. Source: HARZ Labs.

Dental Soft Pink (LCD)

Dental Soft Pink resin has been developed to replace the silicone-like material used in dentistry to accurately reproduce the gingival area with a perfect fit and natural aesthetics of the finished product. This resin has the flexibility and softness needed to simulate the behaviour of the patient's gingiva when fitting dentures correctly.

Piezas impresas con resina Dental Soft Pink

Image 7: 3D printed part with Dental Soft Pink resin. Source: HarzLabs.

Dentral Soft Pink resin is a stable, odourless material designed for use with Dental Peach resin. This material, like all Harzalabs dental resins, is certified for medical use (RZN 2020/12007).

Dental RO (LCD)

HARZ Labs Dental RO is a radiopaque resin designed to obtain sharp images in CT or X-ray imaging.

It is a resin developed to print tomography templates that facilitate the alignment between the scanned jaw and the tomography. When the tomography is removed, the edges of the model appear sharp and free of noise, which helps to compare the results obtained by tomography with those obtained in the simulation models. This helps to obtain the exact location of the dental roots to properly plan the interventions.

Dental RO is produced from white biocompatible materials and, like all Harzalabs dental resins, is certified for medical use (RZN 2020/12007).

Dental RO

Image 7: Template printed with Dental RO. Source: HARZ Labs

Below is a table with the availability of each HARZ Labs Dental Resin with each type of 3D resin printer technology:

Dental Cast No
Dental Clear
Dental Yellow Clear No
Dental Peach
Dental Sand
Dental Pink No
Dental RO No
Dental Soft Pink No
Elongation at break (%) 6
Tensile strength (MPa) 60
Surface hardness 9
Softening temperature (ºC) 100
Medical use Medical use

Once a print is finished, the part of the manufacturing platform must be removed with the metal spatula, being careful not to damage the surface of the platform. Then, the piece is immersed in IPA for 10 - 20 minutes, depending on the color of the resin and the size of the piece, to remove the non-solidified resin from those of the outer walls of the piece. After that time, pressurized air should be applied to the piece until it is completely dry. To achieve the maximum properties that HARZ Labs Dental Resin can provide, it is necessary to cure the resin for 30 - 60 minutes at a temperature of 40 - 60 ºC (eliminate internal stresses) in a curing center (Form Cure) that has a wavelength 405 nm.

Before removing the parts from the manufacturing base, the user must be equipped with a series of safety measures. The use of gloves is recommended to prevent the resin and alcohol from coming into contact with the skin, it is also crucial to wear safety glasses for the drops that may originate during the washing of the pieces.

General information
Manufacturer HARZ Labs (Russia)
Technology  SLA and LCD / DLP
Material Photopolymer
Wavelength UV 405 nm
Format 1 kg
0.5 kg (on demand, contact us)
Color Dental Cast: Cherry
Dental Clear: Natural
Dental Yellow Clear: Yellow Clear
Dental Peach: Peach
Dental Sand: Sand
Dental Pink: Pink
Dental RO: White
Dental Doft Pink: Pink
Compatible 3D printers Formlabs, PEOPOLY, UniZ, WANHAO, zortrax, ANYCUBIC, ASIGA, B9 Creator, FLASH FORGE Moon Ray, PRUSA.
Print settings
Layer height 100-50-25 μm
Exposure Time Consult the printing values recommended by the manufacturers in the following link.
Off time
Lifting height
Bottom exposure
Bottom layers
Curing and washing properties
Washing time 10 - 20 min
Curing time 30 - 60 min
40 - 60 ºC
Mechanical properties
Izod impact strength -
Charpy impact strength -
Elongation at break Dental Cast: -
Dental Clear: 4 - 6 %
Dental Yellow Clear: 4 - 6 %
Dental Peach: 4 - 6 %
Dental Sand: 3 - 4 %
Dental Pink: 3 - 4 %
Dental RO: 2 - 4 %
Dental Soft Pink: 68 %
Tensile strength Dental Cast: -
Dental Clear: 60 MPa
Dental Yellow Clear: 60 MPa
Dental Peach: 60 MPa
Dental Sand: 60 MPa
Dental Pink: 60 MPa
Dental RO: 30 MPa
Dental Soft Pink: 25.8 MPa
Tensile Modulus -
Flexural strength -
Flexural modulus -
Surface hardness (Shore D) Dental Cast: 40 - 50
Dental Clear: 90 - 92
Dental Yellow Clear: 90 - 92
Dental Peach: 85 - 87
Dental Sand: 90 - 92
Dental Pink: 87 - 90
Dental RO: 75
Dental Soft Pink: 87 - 90
Thermal properties
Softening temperature Dental Cast: -
Dental Clear: -
Dental Yellow Clear: 100 ºC
Dental Peach: 100 ºC
Dental Sand: - 
Dental Pink: -
Dental RO: -
Dental Soft Pink: -
Additional Information
Lifetime (since manufacturing) 24 months
HS Code 2916.1

* The typical values detailed in this table should be considered as a reference. Actual values may vary depending on the 3D printer model used, part design and printing conditions. We recommend confirming the results and final properties with own tests. For more information you should consult the technical data sheet of the product.

Below is a table with the availability of each HARZ Labs Dental Resin with each type of 3D resin printer technology:

Dental Cast No Ok
Dental Clear Ok Ok
Dental Yellow Clear No Ok
Dental Peach Ok Ok
Dental Sand Ok Ok
Dental Pink No Ok
Dental RO No Ok
Dental Soft Pink No Ok

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