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Easy to print PLA in dozens of attractive colors for prototyping, modeling and decorative uses.

Easy PLA is a biodegradable filament featured within Fiberlogy's comprehensive product catalog, within the EASY family alongside materials like Easy PETG. PLA stands out for its exceptional print quality and hassle-free printing process. It caters to both novices and experienced 3D printing enthusiasts, encouraging them to embark on more intricate and ambitious projects with filaments that come in dozens of attractive colors.

Basic colors of Easy PLA

Image 1: Basic colors of Easy PLA. Source: Fiberlogy.

Easy PLA's user-friendly nature ensures great interlayer adhesion without necessitating a heated chamber, making printing a seamless experience. However, the true testament lies in the results themselves. Prints produced with Easy PLA boast impeccable precision, elevating them as standout pieces within the 3D printing community.

Pastel colors of Easy PLA

Image 2: Pastel colors of Easy PLA. Source: Fiberlogy.

Versatile and adaptable, Easy PLA finds its application in diverse realms. From crafting toys and their intricate elements such as human figures, animals, and miniature constructions, to fashioning gadgets like key rings, phone cases, and stands, the filament's versatility knows no bounds. Additionally, it is perfect for prototyping, facilitating the creation of new products and concept models.

Easy PLA in Old Gold, Inox, Vertigo, Onyx and Aurora (left to right)

Image 3: Easy PLA in Old Gold, Inox, Vertigo, Onyx and Aurora (left to right). Source: Fiberlogy.

Moreover, Easy PLA's suitability extends to the realm of jewelry design, enabling the crafting of exquisite elements like earrings, bracelets, beads, and necklaces. Furthermore, for decorative purposes, Easy PLA is ideal for making ornaments for Christmas trees and eye-catching pendants, allowing for imaginative and visually stunning creations.

Easy PLA in Alien Green, Ruby Red, Midnight Blue and Spectra Blue (left to right)

Image 4: Easy PLA in Alien Green, Ruby Red, Midnight Blue and Spectra Blue (left to right). Source: Fiberlogy.

It is important to keep in mind that when printing with the color Aurora, it is highly recommended to use a nozzle with a diameter of 0.5 mm or higher. Furthermore, the minimum recommended extrusion temperature for the white color is 230 ºC due to the dye in this color of the Easy PLA filament.

Impact strength (KJ/m2) 2
Tensile strength (MPa) 53
Tensile modulus (MPa) 3500
Flexural strength (MPa) 81
Flexural modulus (MPa) 3800
Biodegradable Biodegradable

To ensure optimal print quality, it is necessary to select the appropriate settings for each 3D printer, considering the printing conditions. The recommended printing temperature ranges between 200 and 230 ºC, and the best bed temperature is 50-70 ºC (Kapton tape on glass). The layer fan should be set between 75 and 100 %, and the flow rate between 90 and 100 %. The recommended print speed is < 100 mm/s. The ideal retraction speed is between 20 and 45 mm/s, with 2 to 3 mm retraction for direct extrusion and 4 to 6 mm retraction for Bowden.

It is important to keep in mind that when printing with the color Aurora, it is highly recommended to use a nozzle with a diameter of 0.5 mm or higher. Furthermore, the minimum recommended extrusion temperature for the white color is 230 ºC due to the dye in this color of the Easy PLA filament.

Proper storage of Easy PLA filament is essential, as processing damp filament can lead to polymer chain degradation, fragility, poor layer adhesion, stringing, and oozing. It's best to store the filament in a sealed bag with desiccant or in a vacuum-sealed filament container. If the filament absorbs excess moisture, it should be dried in a filament dryer at 50 ºC for 4 hours before it can be extruded.

General Information
Manufacturer Fiberlogy
Material Easy PLA
Format 850 g Spool
Density 1.24 g/cm3
Filament Diameter 1.75 / 2.85 mm
Diameter Tolerance ±0.02 mm
Filament Length (Ø 1.75 mm, 0.85 kg) ±285.0 m
(Ø 2.85 mm, 0.85 kg) ±107.5 m
Color Black, Onyx, Aurora, Midnight Sky, Alien Green, Spectra Blue, Old Gold, True Gold, Vertigo, Inox, Ruby Red, brown, light green, green, pastel mint, pastel blue, pastel lilac, pastel yellow, pastel pink, blue, True Blue, navy blue, pink, burgundy red, red, orange-red, yellow, beige, graphite, gray, white
RAL/Pantone -
Printing Properties
Printing Temperature 200-230ºC
Bed/Build Plate Temperature 50-70 ºC
Chamber Temperature
Layer Fan 75-100 %
Recommended Printing Speed < 100 mm/s
Mechanical Properties
Impact Strength Izod (ISO 180) 2 kJ/m²
Impact Strength Charpy -
Break Elongation -
Tensile Strength (ISO 527-2) 53 MPa
Tensile Modulus (ISO 527-2) 3500 MPa
Bending Strength (ISO 172) 81 MPa
Bending Modulus (ISO 172) 3800 MPa
Surface Hardness -
Thermal Properties
Softening Temperature -
Melting Temperature -
Specific Properties
Transparency  -
Gloss Value -
Additional Information
HS Code 3916.9

* The typical values detailed in this table should be considered as a reference. Actual values may vary depending on the 3D printer model used, part design, and printing conditions. We advise confirming the results and final properties with your own tests. For more information, refer to the product's technical data sheet.


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