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  • High temperature thermistor


    Slice Engineering

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    60,16 €

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    The most advanced thermistor on the market, capable of measuring with high precision from 20 ºC to 450 ºC.

    On its way to offer the highest quality components, Slice Engineerig adds to its catalogue the most advanced thermistor for 3D printers on the market.

    It is a thermistor capable of measuring with high precision from 20 ºC to 450 ºC, and without the need to add additional electronics, something that no other product on the market can offer.

    In addition to its versatility, Slice Engineering's high temperature thermistor stands out for its excellent quality of construction. It incorporates cables with textile coating and ceramic reinforcement in the connector, which guarantees high durability.

    The thermistor is encapsulated in a 15mm long and 3mm diameter copper sheath, which makes it fit perfectly into both the Slice Mosquito and Copperhead heating blocks and the E3D V6 system.

    In order to install the high temperature thermistor it is necessary to modify the printer firmware and update the RT table. Currently this thermistor is compatible with Marlin FW and RepRap FW.

    It is the ideal thermistor for the most demanding users who want to use materials from PLA to PEEK without having to use two different thermistors or add new electronics.

    The installation of the high temperature thermistor requires modification of the printer firmware. It is necessary to know how to do this correctly, as a wrong configuration can lead to a risk of overheating and fire.

    This thermistor works natively in RepRap Fw, Bondtech 3.8 (Einsy Boards) or the latest versions of Marlin FW. In these cases it will be necessary to indicate to the firmware the correct type of thermistor. Alternatively, the RT value table available in the download tab can be included.

    For Prusa printer users with a Mosquito hotend, it is possible to download the already modified firmware from the Bondtech website, simply by selecting the HT version.

    Manufacturer Slice Engineering
    Lenght 15 mm
    Diameter 3 mm
    Measuring range 20 ºC - 450 ºC
    HS Code 8477.9

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