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3D resin printer that allows you to obtain quality parts quickly and easily.

Form 3+ is a resin 3D printer using enhanced SLA technology. Formlabs, a recognised manufacturer in the world of 3D printing, has reinvented its SLA technology to deliver flawless prints for all fabrications. The Form 3+ is the upgraded version of the popular Form 3, which features larger scale prototyping with a print volume of 145x145x185 mm and the production of industrial quality final parts at a very affordable price.

The new LFS (Low Force Stereolithography) printing technology uses linear lighting and a flexible tank to convert liquid resin into solid parts. The part responsible for lighting is the LPU (Light Processing Unit), a single module that contains all the parts (lenses, mirrors and lasers) that are needed to solidify the resin during the manufacture of a piece with a laser power of 250 mW and a precision in an XY plane of 25 μm. This new system offers clear and clean features thanks to the high-power laser passing through a filter and guarantees a concentrated laser point. The parabolic mirror ensures that the projection of the laser on the manufacturing plane is always perpendicular, which ensures maximum print quality and the exact reproduction of the design to be manufactured. But here the advantages of the LPU do not end, a new high frequency galvanometer offers precise control over the laser and a high speed, reducing printing times. The operation of this module can be clearly seen in the following video.

Video 1: LFS module. Source: Formlabs

Form 3+ also adds improvements to this system, allowing the LPU to move more smoothly, resulting in better layer-by-layer alignment and exceptional quality of parts 3D printed with this equipment.

Formlabs has also improved the alignment between the build platform print surface and the LPU housing of the Form 3+. This improvement achieves a reduction in the exposure time required for the prints to adhere to the build platform. This speeds up printing times (time savings are typically between 5 and 15 minutes).

Continuing with more technological advances, the Form 3+ has a host of built-in sensors that constantly monitor the prints. These sensors also help to keep all prints stable and inform the user of the printer's status via alerts. Within the LPU module are optical sensors that constantly correct amplitude, power and even detect the presence of dust, which is fatal to laser operation. A new resin level sensor detects all materials quickly and reliably, which speeds up resin changeover.

To achieve optimum results, the resin temperature must be correct. In previous versions, temperature readings could be affected by the ambient temperature. Form 3+ has a redesigned heating system that senses the temperature of the resin itself and maintains it evenly to aid curing. This accurate temperature sensing allows the printing process to start faster and smoother in a wider range of environmental conditions.

Formlabs is always thinking about making work easier for its users. With the Form 3+, FormLabs has outdone itself by designing in a large number of user-replaceable elements, such as the LPU module, rollers and optical window. This drastically reduces repair time.

Módulo LPU

Image 1: LPU module. Source: Formlabs

With the 3D resin printer Form 3 you can create models easily and quickly. Simply enter the CAD file in STL or OBJ format the PreForm lamination software. This software automatically prepares the supports and allows you to send the impressions to Form 3 over Wi-Fi very easily. Once the printing is finished, the supports are removed and the pieces are transferred to the washing center (Form Wash) and then to the curing center (Form Cure). At the end of these simple steps, the pieces would be ready for use.

FormLabs is constantly updating its laminating software to offer users improvements that make the printing process easier and faster. Currently, PreForm has new printing configurations that allow printing times to be reduced by 20 to 40%.

In addition, FormLabs has redesigned the structures of the supports, modifying the contact points with the parts so that they do not damage the part when they are removed.

Finished printing

Image 2: Finished printing. Source: Formlabs

Printing after removing supports

Image 3: Printing after removing supports. Source: Formlabs

Formlabs has another version of Form 3+: Form 3B+. The manufacturer has optimised Form 3B+ for all biocompatible resins and Form 3+ / 3L for all other resins, which means that only Form 3B+ is compatible with  the resinsDental SG ResinDental LT Clear Resin, Surgical Guide Resin and future biocompatible resins.

In addition to their features, both Form 3+ and Form 3B+ have a sleep mode whereby the 3D printers enter a low power state when not in operation. This reduces power consumption and provides the user with security and peace of mind.

As a summary of everything seen above we can say that Form 3+ is a 3D resin printer ready for use from the first minute and with everything necessary to obtain quality parts quickly and easily, even if you do not have prior knowledge on resin 3D printers.

Parts manufactured with Form 3

Image 4: Parts manufactured with Form 3+. Source: Formlabs.

Pro Service Pack

This assistance package is designed to meet the needs of companies that require quick solutions to possible incidents.

This service includes priority technical support (by email and telephone), as well as a temporary replacement service for the 3D printer during the repair period.

The Pro Service Pack can be purchased together with the Form 3+ printer for a period of 1 year, 2 years or 3 years.


The first step is to choose the type of resin you want to use. Once the cartridge has been chosen and introduced in Form 3+, you should only start the ProForm software, choose the type of resin, the desired layer height and import the file you want to print. Finally, the print file is sent to Form 3+.


To start printing simply go to Form 3+, press the button to start printing on the touch screen and start printing.


Once the printing is finished, the build platform base is removed and placed either in the isopropyl alcohol tank that includes the finishing kit or in the Form Wash, to later remove the supports. Finally, the piece must be cured to achieve the maximum mechanical performance. For this FormLabs has the Form Cure, an automated curing equipment, in which you only have to introduce the piece and select the type of material that has been used.

ModelForm 3+
Fabricant FormLabs (Massachusetts, USA)
Technology LFS
Certificates CE
Printer properties
Print volume 145 x 145 x 185 mm
Power of the laser 250 mW
Light source -
Screen Touch screen color
Electronics -
Firmware -
Resin level control -
Autolevel -
Webcam -
Print properties
Positioning resolution (XY) 25 μm
Positioning resolution (Z) -
Layer height 0.025 - 0.3 mm
Max print speed -
Resin storage temperature -
Operating humidity -
Working environment temperature 15ºC - 35ºC
Compatible resins All of Formlabs except biocompatibles (Dental SG Resin, Dental LT Clear Resin, Surgical Guide Resin and others)
Software and conectivity
Software -
Compatible files -
Conectivity  USB, Ethernet or WiFi
Electrical properties
Input AC 100-240V / AC 2.5A / 50-60Hz
Output -
Consumption -
Dimesions and weight
Printer dimensions 405 x 530 x 780 mm
Printer weight 17.5 kg
HS Code 8477.5900
BASIC package content 1x Form 3+
1x Resin tank
1x Manufacturing platform
1x PreForm Software
1x Finish Kit
1x Form 3+ Services (1 year Pro Service Plan + warranty)
COMPLETE package content BASIC package
1x FormWash 
1x FormCure 
COMPLETE AUTOMATIC package content COMPLETE package
1x Form Auto
Extra services Possibility of adding to the selected pack 2 or 3 extra years of Pro Service Plan and Additional Guarantee, with a saving of 198 € (Form 3+ Services 2 years) or 496 € (Form 3+ Services 3 years) when purchased together with the printer.

* You can hire face-to-face training. Price consultation through contact form.


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