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    Form 2 - SLA 3D printer



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    3D SLA printer by Formlabs capable of making parts in high resolution and mechanical properties at low cost.

    * Discontinued product. Only reconditioned units available. Current model: Form 3

    FormLabs Form 2 is a high quality and accurate 3D printer with working technology based on laser stereolithography (SLA). The SLA technology uses UV light to convert the liquid resin into a solid object, tracing the shape of each layer.

    How does it work

    The Form 2 uses a powerful UV laser engine (250mW) which is guided by two highly accurate galvanometers, one for the X axis and the other for the Y axis, which point to the laser beam through the printing area solidifying the resin, layer to layer. In this case there are 3 elements in charge of the part where the resin is located: the tank, the cleaner and the build platform build.

    Laser Form 2

    Image 1: Form 2. Source: FormLabs

    The process of each layer begins by lowering the build platform until it is submerged in the resin, once there, the UV laser traces the shape of the layer. Next, the build platform rises while the tank moves, thus preventing the layer from adhering to the tank, and the cleaner slides down the tank to remove traces of solidified resin or air bubbles that can affect the solidification of the next layer. A larger, the Form 2 has an orange cover that prevents the UV rays of the environment affect the printing process but at the same time with a design that allows easy access to both the build platform and the resin tank thanks to the upper hinges on which it rotates.

    Video 1: Form 2. Source: FormLabs

    Quality, ease and reliability

    Something increasingly demanded by users is that the objects made by 3D printers are functional pieces and be able to dedicate themselves solely to design. The Form 2 is capable of making parts with a resolution of between 25 and 100 microns in a variety of materials highly tested by the manufacturer and in continuous development.

    Pieces with great finish

    Image 2: Pieces with great finish. Source: FormLabs

    Thanks to this and being a 3D SLA printer, Form 2 can create at the same time many models of small size and with much detail, something that other printers with other technologies, including DLP (digital 3D printer of light processing), do not they are able to perform with such quality.

    Great detail with many objects

    Image 3: Great detail with many objects. Source: FormLabs

    FormLabs has created the ProForm, a free software to prepare the impressions of your Form 2 in a simple and effective way, to the point that the software itself has the option of orienting the piece and generating the supports automatically.

    PreForm for Form 2

    Image 4: PreForm for Form 2. Source: FormLabs

    Real model

    Image 5: Real model printed by Form 2. Source: FormLabs

    Once the print file is prepared, it's sent to the printer via Wi-Fi, and from the color touch screen provided by Form 2, the manufacturing starts. A part, from this screen you can pre-visualize the piece, know the time of printing, manage the print queue and many more options. But the connectivity doesn't end there, thanks to a cloud-based application, the user will always be connected to Form 2 receiving warning messages, such as start or end of a print.

    Alerts through mobile

    Image 6: Alerts through mobile. Source: FormLabs

    Once the piece is printed, a post-processing is necessary to remove the supports and cure the pieces to achieve the maximum mechanical performance of each type of resin. For this FormLabs has the Form Wash and the Form Cure, two teams that streamline and automate the post-processing, reducing to the maximum the time and effort necessary to get the final piece.

    Ecosystem of Form 2

    Image 7:Ecosystem of Form 2. Source: FormLbas


    Form 2 has a recognition system of the type of resin and quantity available in the cartridge that is being used to ensure that the tank can always be filled automatically.

    Automatic filling system

    Image 8: Automatic recognition of cartridges. Source: FormLabs

    Thanks to this system, Form 2 recognizes all types of current resins (Standard resinsEngineering resins, Jewelry resins, Dental resins) and all future resins developed by FormLabs.

    Types of FormLabs resins

    Image 9: Types of FormLabs resins. Source: FormLabs

    Video 2: Form 2. Source: FormLabs


    The first step is to choose the type of resin you want to use. Once the cartridge has been chosen and introduced in Form 2, you should only start the ProForm software, choose the type of resin, the desired layer height and import the file you want to print. Finally, the print file is sent to Form 2.


    To start printing simply go to Form 2, press the button to start printing on the touch screen and start printing.


    Once the printing is finished, the build platform base is removed and placed either in the isopropyl alcohol tank that includes the finishing kit or in the Form Wash, to later remove the supports. Finally, the piece must be cured to achieve the maximum mechanical performance. For this FormLabs has the Form Cure, an automated curing equipment, in which you only have to introduce the piece and select the type of material that has been used.

    ModelForm 2
    Fabricant FormLabs (Massachusetts, USA)
    Technology SLA
    Certificates CE
    Printer properties
    Print volume 145 x 145 x 185 mm
    Power of the laser 250 mW
    Light source -
    Screen Touch screen color
    Electronics -
    Firmware -
    Resin level control -
    Autolevel -
    Webcam -
    Print properties
    Positioning resolution (XY) 25 μm
    Positioning resolution (Z) -
    Layer height 0.025 - 0.1 mm
    Max print speed -
    Resin storage temperature -
    Operating humidity -
    Working environment temperature 15ºC - 35ºC
    Software and conectivity
    Software -
    Compatible files -
    Conectivity  USB, Ethernet or WiFi
    Electrical properties
    Input AC 100-240V / AC 2.5A / 50-60Hz
    Output -
    Consumption -
    Dimesions and weight
    Printer dimensions 350 x 330 x 520 mm
    Printer weight 13 kg
    HS Code 8477.5900
    Package content 1x Form 3
    1x Basic Cartridge (1L)
    1x PreForm Software 
    1x Finish Kit:
         1x Finishing tray
         1x Scraper
         1x Pre Rinse Tub
         1x Post Rinse Tub
         1x Rinse basket
         1x Squeeze Bottle
         1x Flush Cutters
         1x Tweezers
         1x Disposable Nitrile Gloves
         1x PEC PAD Wipes
         1x Microfiber cloth
         1x Removal tool
         1x Removal Jig
    1x FormWash (optional)
    1x FormCure (optional)
    4 hours of training by videoconference (opctional) *

    * You can hire face-to-face training. Price consultation through contact form.

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