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Upgraded resin 3D printer for the dental sector. New mainboard and improved heating system.

Having a resin 3D printer on-site in the dental sector provides significant benefits, including enhanced customization of dental appliances tailored to individual patient needs, faster turnaround times by eliminating outsourcing delays, cost savings through reduced labor and shipping expenses, improved patient experience with shorter wait times, better quality control over the production process, and opportunities for innovation and research within the practice, ultimately leading to higher patient satisfaction and improved overall dental care.

Dental models printed with the Sonic XL 4K PLUS printer

Image 1: Dental models printed with the Sonic XL 4K PLUS printer and the Water-Washable Dental resin. Source: Phrozen.

Similarly to the Sonic XL 4K 2022 3D printer, the Sonic XL 4K PLUS 3D printer by Phrozen provides a big build volume (20 x 12.5 x 20 cm) and a 9.3" 4K Mono LCD screen. The LCD screen is powered by a 405nm ParaLED Matrix 3.0 light source, allowing for a 4K resolution (XY resolution of 52 µm). 

Dental models printed with the Sonic XL 4K PLUS printer and the Dental Ortho Model resin

Image 2: Dental models printed with the Sonic XL 4K PLUS printer and the Dental Ortho Model resin. Source: Phrozen.

The Sonic XL 4K PLUS 3D printer can print at the same speed as its predecessor, up to 90 mm/hour with a layer thickness of 0.01 mm to 0.3 mm. All these parameters combined guarantee high precision and an astonishing level of detail - very important aspects in dentistry. The printer counts with a more stable metal construction to perform better and last longer in professional environments.

New features

The Phrozen Sonic XL 4K PLUS 3D printer comes equipped with cutting-edge upgrades aimed at revolutionizing the 3D printing experience. Featuring a new mainboard system and an improved heating system, this printer ensures unparalleled reliability and efficiency with no system malfunctions and better heat distribution. With the addition of a front USB port, seamless connectivity is at your fingertips, while the integrated 2.4 GHz WiFi antenna offers enhanced wireless capabilities. These numerous upgrades are aimed at ensuring even more robust operation to withstand the demands of large batch high-precision dental 3D printing.

The front USB port and UI of the Sonic XL 4K PLUS resin 3D printer

Image 3: The front USB port and UI of the Sonic XL 4K PLUS resin 3D printer. Source: Phrozen.

In order to maintain a constant temperature within the chamber and ensure successful 3D prints, the Sonic XL 4K PLUS printer is equipped with a consistent heater to sustain the printing temperature at the ideal 30°C, guaranteeing steady model formation. An enhancement to the heating system seeks to improve heat dispersion, minimizing the risk of overheating damage and enhancing the success rate of prints. Another great addition is the air purifying system responsible for handling the resin fumes once the 3D printing process is finished.

The heating and air filtration system of the Sonic XL 4K PLUS printer

Image 4: The heating and air filtration system of the Sonic XL 4K PLUS printer. Source: Phrozen.

The Sonic XL 4K PLUS 3D printer also comes with the Phrozen Dental Synergy Slicer software, a software developed by Phrozen to help the users obtain fast and precise 3D prints. In combination with the Sonic XL 4K PLUS printer, the laminating software automates most of the file-prepping process, making the 3D printing workflow even simpler for dental clinics. The Sonic XL 4K PLUS 3D printer has 3 connectivity options: USB, Ethernet and Wifi. The user interface is a 5" touch panel with a very simple and intuitive design. An interesting safety feature is the fact that the 3D printing process can be paused and resumed at any moment, giving the user complete freedom and control over the printing process, as well as preventing failed prints in case of a power shortage.

The door buffer of the Sonic XL 4K PLUS printer

Image 5: The door buffer of the Sonic XL 4K PLUS printer. Source: Phrozen.

The door of the Sonic XL 4K PLUS 3D printer comes with a buffer that prevents the chamber from closing too abruptly and keeps the printer in good shape for many years. The kit includes everything needed for the set up and first use of the Sonic XL 4K PLUS 3D printer - an after sales service card, a pair of protective gloves, a power connector, a plastic funnel, 2 scrapers, an allen wrench, a USB flash drive, a WiFi antenna, a handle for the chamber door, and more. A very attractive feature of the Sonic XL 4K 2022 printer is that it is compatible with the majority of scanners, slicing software, and resins in the dentistry 3D printing market.

Stackable implant surgical guide 3D printed with the Sonic XL 4K PLUS 3D printer

Image 6: Stackable implant surgical guide 3D printed with the Sonic XL 4K PLUS 3D printer and Dreve FotoDent Guide resin. Source: Phrozen.

The benefits of the Sonic XL 4K PLUS 3D printer extend far beyond its precision, build volume, and affordability. This printer represents a long-term investment that, with proper maintenance and careful use, will endure for years. The Sonic XL 4K PLUS printer prioritizes safety and user-friendliness while offering a high degree of control over materials and the printing process. From high-fidelity dentures to ortho models, crowns, bridges, splints, and surgical guides, a diverse array of detailed, high-resolution models can be produced on-site within a matter of hours, in large batches. The Sonic XL 4K PLUS offers a complete dental 3D printing solution

The Sonic XL 4K PLUS 3D printer should be used in a dry and ventilated environment, on a flat surface and out of direct sunlight. The user should take the necessary safety precautions when handling resin. Protective gloves, masks, goggles, and long-sleeved clothing are highly recommended.

The Z-axis of the Sonic XL 4K PLUS printer should be always lubricated in order to ensure smooth operation. Before applying the lubricant, for example the Loctite SuperLube, the Z-axis T-screw should be cleaned with a dry cloth. The printer, the resin vat and the building plate can be cleaned with sanitizing alcohol and tissue paper.

Many useful resources can be found on the Phrozen website, for example tips on how to set up and maintain the Sonic XL 4K PLUS 3D printer, as well as troubleshooting and post-processing guides. The user should also consult the Manual available in the Downloads section before installing and using the Sonic XL 4K PLUS printer.

Due to the nature of this product, should the user require support for this product, we may have to refer the user to the manufacturer.

Manufacturer Phrozen
Model Sonic XL 4K PLUS
Technology LCD
Certifications -
Printer Properties
Build Volume 200 x 125 x 200 mm
Laser Power -
Light Source 405nm ParaLED Matrix 3.0
Screen 5" Touchscreen
Electronics -
Firmware Phrozen OS
Resin Level Control
Auto Leveling
Integrated Webcam
Printing Properties
Positioning Resolution (XY) 52 µm
Positioning Resolution (Z) -
Layer Height 0.01 – 0.30 mm
Accuracy -
Max. Printing Speed 90 mm/h
Resin Storage Temperature -
Operating Humidity -
Operating Ambient Temperature -
Software and Connectivity
Software Phrozen Dental Synergy Slicer
Compatible Files .PRZ
Connectivity USB / Ethernet / WiFi
Electrical Properties
Input AC 100-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Output -
Consumption -
Dimensions and Weight
Printer Dimensions 330 x 290 x 470 mm
Printer Weight 17.2 Kg
HS Code 8477.5900


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