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SuperLube lubricating oil for 3D printers


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Oil with special applicator for lubrication of 3D printers. 

SuperLube multi-purpose oil is a synthetic oil of the highest quality, optimal for the lubrication of 3D printers. SuperLube oil has an ideal consistency for reaching hard-to-reach areas that require lubrication.

SuperLube oil has the following properties:

  • Dielectric
  • Suitable for food contact
  • Clean format

And it is safe to use on metal, wood, leather, fabric, painted surfaces and most plastics and rubbers.

In addition, it contains Syncolon® (PTFE) particles, which allow the oil to adhere to the surface of moving parts, helping to protect them against friction and wear and against phenomena such as oxidation.

These characteristics make SuperLube lubricating oil an ideal product for use in 3D printing equipment to extend the life of its parts and mechanisms.

Thanks to its pencil format with applicator pad, SuperLube oil applies only the amount of oil required for lubrication, avoiding the typical dripping that often occurs after the application of a lubricating oil.

Due to all its properties and its format, this lubricating oil is perfect for smooth rods, bearings, linear guides, slides, etc.

The use of SuperLube 3D printer lubricating oils or greases is highly recommended to avoid unnecessary wear on bearings and rods. In addition, if the rods and moving parts of the 3D printer are well lubricated, the motors will need to exert less effort to move the print carriage. This also increases the service life of the motors as they are subjected to a lower load.

The correct lubrication of the moving parts of the 3D printer can also have a direct influence on the final quality of the printed parts, because if the rods or bearings are too dry, the print carriage may tend to move in fits and starts. This will result in a loss of precision in the positioning of the printhead.

SuperLube lubricating oil lubricates deeper than SuperLube grease, as it penetrates more easily. However, the duration of its effect is much shorter than that of grease, so it is necessary to lubricate more often.

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Thanks to the applicator format of the SuperLube 3D printer lubricating oil, the user does not need to wear latex gloves as with other products.

To use it correctly, just slide the applicator over the rods of the 3D printer until they are impregnated with the oil.

Manufacturer SuperLube Oil
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