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A large format 8K resin 3D printer for the additive manufacturing of big parts and batches.

The Sonic Mega 8K S is a resin LCD 3D printer from the Phrozen catalog of high quality 3D printers for large format additive manufacturing. Sonic Mega 8K S has an XY resolution of 43 µm, a 15" mono-LCD screen, a 405 nm ParaLED Matrix 2.0 light source, and a 33 x 18.5 x 30 cm printing volume. 

Video 1: Presentation of the Sonic Mega 8K S resin 3D printer by Phrozen. Source: Phrozen.

This generous build volume, high resolution and the printing speed of up to 600 layers per hour mean no more sacrificing detail for size, and a great productivity boost for the 3D printing of large parts and batches. The high printing speed of Sonic Mega 8K S is possible mainly thanks to the high speed system with more computing capability, as well as the ACF film (alternative to FEP film) with reduced stickiness and a smoother surface.

A part 3D printed with the Sonic Mega 8K S printer

Image 1: A part 3D printed with the Sonic Mega 8K S printer. Source: Phrozen.

The Sonic Mega 8K S 3D printer comes with a pre-calibrated building plate, which means that the printer is ready to work without the need for calibration. The full metal exterior makes the structure of the printer stronger and ensures it will serve the user for many years. The dual linear rails and the ball screw design on the Sonic Mega 8K S resin printer assure the stability of the Z-axis, which means an even print and no wobbling even with large and heavy models.

The Phrozen Pump & Fill system working with the Sonic Mega 8K S printer

Image 2: The Phrozen Pump & Fill system working with the Sonic Mega 8K S printer. Source: Phrozen.

An additional benefit offered by the Sonic Mega 8K S printer is that it is seamlessly integrated with the Phrozen Pump & Fill system. Thanks to this device (only compatible with Sonic Mega 8K S), the user can enjoy worry-free 3D printing since the level of resin is monitored and automatically corrected at all times. Pump & Fill also returns the remaining resin in the tank back to the bottle after printing, which prevents material wastage and simplifies the tank cleaning process. What makes working with Sonic Mega 8K S even easier is the resin drip hanger. This feature was designed for the purpose of hanging the build tray over the tank after printing in order to allow the excess resin to drip off.

The resin drip hanger

Image 3: The resin drip hanger. Source: Phrozen.

Just like all products by Phrozen, the Sonic Mega 8K S 3D printer is very easy to use and straightforward in its design. The printer is operated with a 5" LCD touch screen and the printer connects through a USB port as well as Ethernet. The slicer software for the Sonic Mega 8K S is the CHITUBOX software, version V1.9.0 or higher.

The Sonic Mega 8K S 3D printer is a revolutionary product for any business requiring large models or batches of multiple objects with high precision and intricate detail. Objects of considerable size can be 3D printed in one sitting with one click on the friendly user menu, and the precalibrated build plate makes the Sonic Mega 8K S printer ready to use immediately. This 3D printer is ideal for dental labs, jewelry designers or professionals in the entertainment industry, and with this printer achieving size and quantity does not mean giving up quality.

A dry and well ventilated environment is required for the proper functioning of the Sonic Mega 8K S printer, as well as a spot with a flat surface and indirect light. The user should use gloves, a mask, protective goggles and long sleeved clothes when handling resin to ensure safety.

Sanitizing alcohol and tissue paper can be used to clean the printer, the resin vat and the build plate. A lubricant, for example SuperLube by Loctite, should be used on the Z-axis T-screw to ensure smooth operation. Before the application of the lubricant, the Z-axis should be wiped with a dry tissue or cloth.

The user manual should be thoroughly inspected before the Sonic Mega 8K S printer is used for the first time. In addition to the manual, numerous resources can be found on the manufacturer’s website, for example guides on setting up the device, printing tips and tricks, troubleshooting guides, post processing advice and maintenance tips.

Due to the nature of this product, should the user require support for this product, we may have to refer the user to the manufacturer.

Manufacturer Phrozen
Model Sonic Mega 8K S
Technology LCD
Certificates -
Printer Properties
Print Volume 330 x 185 x 300 mm
Laser Power 405 nm
Light Source ParaLED Matrix 2.0
Screen 5" Touchscreen
Electronics -
Firmware Phrozen OS
Resin Level Control ✓ (with Pump & Fill)
Integrated Webcam
Printing Properties
Positioning Resolution (XY) 43 µm
Positioning Resolution (Z) -
Layer Height 0.01 – 0.30 mm
Precision -
Max Printing Speed 600 layers/hour
Resin Storage Temperature -
Operating Humidity -
Operating Ambient Temperature -
Software and Connectivity
Software CHITUBOX V1.9.0 or higher
Compatible Files -
Connectivity USB / Ethernet
Electrical Properties
Input AC 100-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Output -
Consumption Max. 240 W
Dimensions and Weight
Printer Dimensions 472 x 380 x 566 mm
Printer Weight 26 Kg
HS Code 8477.5900


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