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LCD resin 3D printer with 12 K resolution and a 5.4 L build volume.

Anycubic is a leading company in 3D printing equipment for domestic use. Its catalogue of resin printers stands out from the rest for its great value for money and ease of use. The Anycubic Photon Mono M5 is a LCD resin 3D printer that offers 12 K detail, an improved laminating experience and a large build volume (5.4 L) of 200 x 218 x 123 mm. 

Video 1: Presentation Anycubic Photon Mono M5. Source: Anycubic.

The printer's 10.1" LCD screen has 11520 x 5120 resolution, 19 x 24 µm XY pixel size, 480:1 contrast, 4.7 % light transmittance and an approximately 2000 hours lifespan.

Quality and fast printing

The Z-axis of Photon Mono M5 is very robust. It is supported by high stability and high precision dual linear rails, and a high-wear-resistant POM clearance nut. This combination ensures the precise operation of the Z axis without shaking, layer grain or blurry details. Photon Mono M5 can achieve a printing speed of 20-50 mm/hour.

The stable axis design of the Photon Mono M5 printer

Image 1: The stable axis design of the Photon Mono M5 printer. Source: Anycubic.

The printing platform of the Photon Mono M5 printer is laser-engraved, which results in a superior flatness compared to sandblasted platforms. 

The printing surface of the Photon Mono M5 printer

Image 2: The printing surface of the Photon Mono M5 printer. Source: Anycubic.

This, in turn, effectively improves model adhesion, reduces instances of printed models detaching or warping, and significantly enhances the overall success rate of the printing process.

Ease of use and security

Anycubic's 3D printing equipment stands out for its ease of use and is aimed at home use. For this reason, the manufacturer provides the user with its own laminating software, Photon Workshop, which has a multitude of functions to facilitate and speed up the process of laminating models.

Models 3D printed with the Photon Mono M5 printer

Image 3: Models 3D printed with the Photon Mono M5 printer. Source: Anycubic.

With the Anycubic Photon Mono M5, the Photon Workshop software comes with an upgraded version (3.1) and a simplified user interface. The enhanced support algorithm of the laminating software brings about several benefits. It enhances printing stability and success rates, minimizes harm to the model's surface, and simplifies the removal of support structures and the bottom valve.

The Anycubic App

Image 4: The Anycubic App. Source: Anycubic.

Furthermore, the users have at their disposal the Anycubic App that allows for one-touch printing and process tracking, as well as give the users access to popular sliced models and STL files. The control panel of the Photon Mono M5 printer is a 4.3" TFT touchscreen with an upgraded, simplified and very intuitive user interface. Photon Mono M5 offers USB and WiFi connectivity.

Video 2: Unnboxing the Photon Mono M5 printer. Source: Anycubic.

Since ensuring user safety remains the top priority for these home printers, the Anycubic Photon Mono M5 includes a detachable upper cover constructed from a material that effectively shields against 99.95% of UV rays. This transparent cover enables users to securely monitor the printing process. Furthermore, the Anycubic Photon Mono M5 also provides an additional layer of safeguarding with its pre-applied, replaceable anti-scratch film, enhancing both protection and longevity.

12 K precision, great build volume, fast printing speed and ease of use make the Anycubic Photon Mono M5 3D printer the perfect choice for users who want to produce parts with a higher level of detail and take a step into the world of domestic resin 3D printing.

Please note that the screens on resin 3D printers are considered consumables and should be replaced after the appropriate number of hours of use or if damage of any kind is noticed. Tutorial and unboxing videos can be found on the manufacturer's website.

Due to the nature of this product, should the user require support for this product, we may have to refer the user to the manufacturer.

Manufacturer Anycubic
Model Photon Mono M5
Technology LCD
Certifications -
Printer Properties
Print Volume 218.88 x 122.88 x 200 mm (5.4 L)
Laser Power -
Light Source Matrix LED
Display Control Panel: 4.3" TFT
Screen: LCD 10.1" 12K
Electronics -
Firmware -
Resin Level Control
Integrated Webcam
Printing Properties
Positioning Resolution (XY) 11520 x 5120
Positioning Resolution (Z) 0.01 mm
Layer Height 0.01 – 0.15 mm
Accuracy -
Max Printing Speed 20-50 mm/hour
Resin Storage Temperature -
Operating Humidity -
Operating Ambient Temperature -
Software and Connectivity
Software Anycubic Photon Workshop
Compatible File Formats -
Connectivity USB / WiFi
Electrical Properties
Input -
Output -
Power Consumption 100 W
Dimensions and Weight
Printer Dimensions 290 x 270 x 460 mm
Printer Weight 8.6 Kg
HS Code 8477.5900


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