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Professional LCD dental 3D printer with high accuracy and high printing speed.Professional LCD dental 3D printer with high accuracy and high printing speed.

The UniZ catalog includes a wide range of desktop LED-LCD 3D printers that can fulfill the needs of very diverse user profiles, from technicians who need to create prototypes or tools to jewelers who demand the highest possible surface quality. The NBEE 3D printer by UniZ addresses the needs of yet another sector that resorts to additive manufacturing more and more frequently - dentistry.

Video 1: NBEE, the world’s fastest dental 3D printer. Source: UniZ.

The NBEE resin 3D printer offers a substantial build volume of 192 × 120 × 180 mm. This combined with the XY resolution of 49.8 μm allows the user to 3D print very precise models or batches of models. Within 50 µm of original data, the NBEE 3D printer can recreate up to 95.05 % of data points, and within 100 µm of original data the result was 99.6 % of data points recreated. This means that, with the help of 3D scanning, extremely detailed models of the patients’ teeth can be rendered and, based on those, well fitting and customized orthodontics models, customized trays, surgical guides, aligners, bridges, crowns and masks can be 3D printed using high quality dentistry resins in a matter of minutes. With its maximum printing speed of 280 mm/h it only takes the NBEE 3D printer 5 minutes to make 6 full arches.

Dental models

Image 1: Dental models 3D printed with the NBEE 3D printer in 5-40 minutes. Source: UniZ.

The high efficiency of the NBEE 3D printer is ensured by the patented UniZ liquid cooling system. It is responsible for maintaining the entire system’s temperature below 40 ºC, which avoids overheating and malfunction. The separation mechanism used in the NBEE 3D printer is a stereo-polymer multilayer film peel. It helps deliver layer-free, high-resolution end-use parts with exceptional surface finish and resolution. 

Advance features

Image 2: The advanced features of the NBEE 3D printer. Source: UniZ.

The optical system used in the NBEE 3D printer is the high power (16 mW/cm²) 4th generation Collimated Light Source technology. This means that the rays of light are parallel (collinear) to each other, which helps each dimension of the model achieve uniformity of up to 95%. Another interesting feature of the NBEE 3D printer is its resin temperature control system thanks to which the resin will always be at an optimal reaction temperature.

The NBEE dental resin 3D printer is operated through a straightforward interface on a 7” touch screen. The user interface manages tasks such as printing, calibration, configuration and maintenance. The slicing software that comes with the NBEE 3D printer is Uniz Dental software. It supports files in many formats (STL, OBJ, AMF, 3M) in sizes of up to 1 GB. Uniz Dental has advanced features such as built-in advanced model repair. Once the 3D printer is connected to the internet, the software will automatically check for updates and inform the user about them. The UniZ Dental software supports Windows 7 and above, as well as Mac OS X 10.7 and above.

User interface

Image 3: The NBEE 3D printer user interface. Source: UniZ.

The available connectivity options are USB flash drive, Wi-Fi and Ethernet. The NBEE 3D printer is also compatible with dental CAD software such as Exocad, 3Shape or Medit. 

The advanced features of the UniZ NBEE resin dental 3D printer make it a valuable tool for professionals in the orthodontic community. When traditional tools and manufacturing methods are not fast and precise enough, the NBEE 3D printer will certainly yield accurate results in a matter of minutes and make treatment planning quick, reliable and affordable. Thanks to the NBEE 3D printer, oral and dental specialists can now increase productivity, decrease lead times and improve patient satisfaction.

Correct maintenance is key to the smooth functioning and longevity of any equipment and the NBEE 3D printer is no exception. The NBEE 3D printer should be placed in a safe environment, making sure that the air intake and outlet vents are not obstructed in any way, and that the printer is leveled and stable. If the printer needs to be moved, both handles installed on the sides should be used and the screen should be placed in an upright position.

The printing platform of the NBEE 3D printer is a consumable, which means that after a prolonged use it will get smoother, which will decrease model adhesion and lead to failed prints over time. Once that happens, the build platform should be removed, cleaned with alcohol and sanded into a grid shape with the sandpaper provided with the machine. Once that is done, the surface should be wiped with a soft cloth and alcohol again to remove any dust residues.

Failed prints tend to result in resin leftovers on the platform. If they are not cleaned on time, they may damage the screen. In order to avoid that, the platform should be cleaned regularly with the spatula provided with the NBEE 3D printer. As far as cleaning the resin tank from residue, two methods can be used. For a small amount of residue that is big in volume, the paper cards provided with the printer should be used (never the spatula, as it can damage the film and cause a serious leak). For numerous residue pieces that are small in size the Full Screen Clean function should be used. Another consumable that should be inspected regularly and replaced when scratched or dirty with cured resin is the LCD screen protective film.

Detailed guides and tips on how to perform all of the above maintenance and configuration activities can be found in the User Manual (Downloads section) as well as on the manufacturer’s support page. Helpful video tutorials can also be found on the UniZ YouTube Channel.

ModelUniZ NBEE
Fabricant Uniz (California, USA)
Technology LCD
Certificates -
Printer properties
Print volume 192 × 120 × 180 mm
Power of the laser -
Light source -
Screen -
Electronics -
Firmware -
Resin level control -
Autolevel -
Webcam -
Print properties
Positioning resolution (XY) 49.8 μm
Positioning resolution (Z) -
Layer height -
Precision ±10μm
Max print speed 6 dental models printed in 5 minutes
Resin storage temperature -
Operating humidity -
Working environment temperature -
Software and conectivity
Software -
Compatible files STL, OBJ, AMF, 3MF
Conectivity USB, WiFi, Ethernet
Input 110-220V   6A   50/60Hz 3A
Output -
Consumption -
Dimesions and weight
Printer dimensions 380×380×1300 mm
Printer weight 60 Kg
HS Code 8477.5900

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