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UniZ is a manufacturer of resin LED-LCD technology 3D printers, which also has a varied catalog of resins for both conventional and industrial applications. 

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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items

UniZ: Innovation and development

UniZ is a manufacturer of original 3D printers and resins from California (United States) founded in 2014 with the aim of creating an innovative and special additive manufacturing technology for each type of user. With this desire for innovation, UniZ developed a new technology for 3D resin printing: LED-LCD technology. The operation of the LCD-LCD with liquid cooling is based on a set of LEDs that turn on and off very quickly without compromising the finish and precision of the parts. Liquid cooling allows you to use the set of LEDs faster, which results in higher print volume and faster speed. This set of features allows large production of parts simultaneously with short manufacturing times and good detail.

LED-LCD 3D printers

UNIZ has developed several models of 3D printers with LED-LCD technology, and has refined them over time, launching new versions. This is the case with the UNIZ Slash 3D printers, available in three models perfectly suited for professional applications thanks to their print volume, speed, precision and material compatibility.

In addition to the UNIZ Slash 3D printers, UNIZ has developed IBEE, a 3D printer ideal for beginners and professional users who want to make parts, models and prototypes quickly and very easily.

Wide variety of resins

To supply all types of users, UniZ has different types of resins and different colors, all of them tested and analyzed in detail before launching them to the market.

At the level of standard users, UniZ has the zABS, resin, available in different colors and that allows manufacturing parts while maintaining good mechanical and surface properties.

In the field of industrial applications, this manufacturer has specific resins for each sector: resin to be used directly in the foundry process (zWAX), high mechanical strength resin ideal for industrial applications (zENG), resin for dental applications (zDental Model Sand) and resin for final pieces of high rigidity, high tensile and flexural modulus  (ZPMMA).