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  • UniZ SLASH 2 Plus - LCD 3D printer View larger

    Uniz IBEE - LCD 3D printer


    Uniz Technology

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    LED-LCD 3D printer with high resolution and competitive price.

    UNIZ 3D printers have revolutionised resin 3D printer technology with a new way of working. The basis of operation of these resin 3D printers is LED-LCD technology, an element that solidifies the resin layer by layer, a process similar to that of a DLP 3D printer. UNIZ has a wide range of desktop LED-LCD 3D printers to suit all types of users, from technicians who need to create prototypes or tools to jewellers who demand the highest possible surface quality.

    UNIZ printers are faster than other UV resin printers on the market using DLP or SLA technologies thanks to LED-LCD operation, where the LED arrays turn on and off extremely quickly without compromising part finish and accuracy.

    UNIZ 3D printers feature a patented liquid cooling system, which allows the LED array to be used more acutely, resulting in higher print volume and higher speed. This set of features allows for large production runs of parts simultaneously with short build times and good detail, without the spectacular surface finish of SLA printers. 

    UNIZ IBEE 3D Printer

    Image 1: UNIZ IBEE 3D printer. Source: UNIZ.

    IBEE is a 3D printer with LED-LCD technology developed to offer excellent printing quality at an affordable price. Thus, it is a device that is aimed at the novice user, but also at small businesses, as this 3D printer produces professional quality parts.

    The key features of IBEE are:

    • Large print volume of 192×120×220 mm.
    • Adjustable layer height between 25 and 100 µm.
    • Economical consumables.
    • Easy printing: 3D printing in one click.

    Video 1: UNIZ IBEE 3D printer. Source: UNIZ.

    As such, this 3D printer is capable of providing industrial-grade precision and detail. In addition, IBEE offers 3 times more build volume than other resin printers in its class.

    Ease of use

    In addition to the development of the 3D printer with the aim of achieving professional quality results without compromising the user-friendliness of the device, UNIZ provides a large number of articles related to the use, maintenance and troubleshooting of the IBEE 3D printer, which can be found at this link.

    Wide range of resins

    UniZ has developed a range of resins for its printers that cover all sectors, both domestic and professional. The zABS is the right resin for making parts with good strength, durability and a smooth, matt finish, on which a coat of paint can be applied without any problem. zPMMA has an extremely high percentage of translucency, ideal for prototypes or models where seeing the inside is crucial. To take advantage of the speed of UDP printers, it is essential to use zUDP resin. For the most technical and demanding users in terms of mechanical properties, there is the zENG resin, with high ductility and impact resistance, but without sacrificing precision and surface finish. More specifically, UNIZ offers zOrtho resin, particularly for dentists or orthodontists, zWAX, with which jewellery professionals can create models for direct casting, and other technical resins.

    Uniz Materials

    Image 2: UNIZ materials. Source: UNIZ.

    UNIZ Maker lamination software

    UNIZ has two types of lamination software for its two different lines of LCD 3D printers. On the one hand, UNIZ Maker is aimed at users of IBEE 3D printers, while UNIZ Desktop is aimed at users of UNIZ Slash models.

    UNIZ Maker software

    Image 3: UNIZ Software Suite. Source: UNIZ.

    IBEE's lamination software, UNIZ Maker, focuses on making the service as simple as possible, including the One Click Print function. Simply select the model to be printed, add the media and click One Click Print.

    Video 2: UNIZ Maker software. Source: UNIZ.

    This lamination software is available for Windows and Mac OS.

    UNIZ Cloud

    UNIZ Cloud is the UNIZ website where the user can find a large number of models ready to download and 3D print for free. It also allows the user to check the printing process and control IBEE remotely.

    The UNIZ IBEE 3D printer is ideal for beginners and professional users who want to make parts, models and prototypes quickly and easily. This 3D printer can be very useful for:

    • Designers and artists.
    • Small companies that need to manufacture their own prototypes.
    • Educational centres.
    • Beginners who want to get in touch with resin 3D printing.

    What is included in IBEE

    Image 4: Products included in the UNIZ IBEE box. Source: UNIZ.

    Thanks to the ease of use of the lamination software and the 3D printer itself, it is possible to print models with a single click.

    Hide color variations (Hide color variations)

    Before starting 3D printing with UNIZ IBEE, the printer should be placed on a flat surface and levelled using the screws on the bottom of the 3D printer.

    Then check that the build platform and the resin tank are correctly positioned. On the resin tank, it is advisable to check that the protective film is in perfect condition. If not, it must be changed.

    At this point, the resin should be added directly from the pot to the resin tank. Once this step has been completed, the 3D printer can be connected to the power supply, and the 3D printer is ready to print.

    You can download the complete quick start guide from the "Downloads" section of this product.

    ModelUniZ SLASH
    Fabricant Uniz (California, USA)
    Technology LCD
    Certificates -
    Printer properties
    Print volume 192 × 120 × 220mm
    Power of the laser -
    Light source -
    Screen -
    Electronics -
    Firmware -
    Resin level control Auto
    Autolevel -
    Webcam -
    Print properties
    Positioning resolution (XY) 49.8 μm
    Positioning resolution (Z) -
    Layer height 25, 50, 100 µm
    Precision ±10μm
    Max print speed 80 mm/h
    Resin storage temperature -
    Operating humidity -
    Working environment temperature 18ºC - 28ºC
    Software and conectivity
    Software -
    Compatible files STL, OBJ, AMF, 3MF, SLC
    Conectivity USB, WiFi, Ethernet
    Input 100-240V   8A   50/60Hz
    Output -
    Consumption -
    Dimesions and weight
    Printer dimensions 325×325×510 mm
    Printer weight 15.8 Kg
    HS Code 8477.5900


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