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A post-processing set with everything needed for removing powder from SLS 3D printed parts.

Depowdering is crucial in SLS 3D printing as it involves removing excess, unfused powder from 3D printed objects. This process significantly impacts surface quality, geometrical accuracy, and the mechanical properties of the final parts. Adequate depowdering tools, including brushes, air compressors, vacuum systems, and sieves, are essential for efficient removal of excess powder and maintaining a safe working environment.

The contents of the Sinterit post-processing set

Image 1: The contents of the Sinterit post-processing set. Source: Sinterit.

This is why Sinterit, a renowned manufacturer of professional-grade SLS 3D printing solutions, has developed the post-processing kit that contains everything the user might need for the efficient and precise removal of unsintered powder from parts 3D printed with the SLS technology. The kit contains the following elements:

The Multi PHS station

The Sinterit Multifunction Powder Handling Station (Multi PHS) stands at the forefront of efficiency and adaptability. Engineered for seamless integration with existing solutions, its versatile design minimizes the need for extensive system overhauls, offering users the freedom to select tailored post-processing options that suit their specific needs. With an array of professional features and improvements, such as a flexible hose, plexiglass cover for dust control, and an adjustable workspace grid, the Multi PHS revolutionizes powder handling technology, facilitating streamlined workflows across multiple materials and printers, including the Lisa, Lisa Pro, LisaX, NILS480, and other third-party SLS printers.

The Sinterit Multi PHS

Image 2: The Sinterit Multi PHS. Source: Sinterit.

With 4 sifting programs tailored for various materials and the capability to solo-sift through a detachable sieve, the Multi PHS offers isolated cleaning for infrequently used materials, optimizing the workstation without the need for a complete cleanout. Additionally, its superior powder recovery rate of 95% reduces material wastage, while seamless integration with Sinterit's Sandblaster and ATEX vacuum cleaner maximizes control over material usage, underpinning cost-effective material management.

The post-processing workflow with the Multi PHS

Image 3: The post-processing workflow with the Multi PHS. Source: Sinterit.

The Multi PHS streamlines operations with an intuitive interface, enabling access to distinct powder recovery programs and sensors for efficient powder management. Ultimately, this innovative solution elevates post-processing capabilities in the 3D printing industry, ensuring a balance between productivity and user safety, whether for prototype production, multimaterial additive manufacturing, or large-batch production.

Atex Vacuum Cleaner and powder separator

The Sinterit ATEX Vacuum Cleaner caters specifically to dust collection and cleaning for Lisa, Lisa Pro, Lisa X, and Nils 480 3D printers. Its ATEX Z22 certification, with a 40-liter tank capacity and a robust 215 m³/h suction capability, ensure safety in environments prone to explosive atmospheres, mitigating risks associated with particulate polyamides or TPUs. Equipped with grounding connections, specialized filters, anti-static hoses, and nozzles, this vacuum cleaner minimizes explosion risks, making it the ideal solution for safely handling 3D printer materials.

The Sinterit Atex Vacuum Cleaner and Powder Separator

Image 4: The Sinterit Atex Vacuum Cleaner and Powder Separator. Source: Sinterit.

Designed primarily for workspace cleaning and non-reusable dust removal, the ATEX Vacuum Cleaner seamlessly integrates with the Sinterit powder separator, enabling efficient powder recovery. Utilizing the cyclone separator tank, reusable materials are effortlessly transferred to the Sinterit Powder Sieve, a sophisticated screening apparatus that readies the material for subsequent printing tasks. This integration streamlines material recovery, reduces preparation times between prints, and maintains the reclaimed material in optimal condition, ensuring a seamless workflow and enhancing material reusability in SLS 3D printing settings.

Sandblaster SLS

The Sinterit Sandblaster SLS sandblast cabin tailored for fine powders has a compact footprint of 720 x 700 x 550 mm and an internal working volume of 675 x 450 x 415 mm. It seamlessly integrates into compact SLS setups and attaches to the Sinterit Multi PHS. Sandblaster SLS incorporates high-efficiency gaskets and a HEPA filter system in the outlet filter, minimizing dust leakage and ensuring airtight sealing against fine dust, marking a significant advancement in dust containment during surface finishing.

The Multi PHS features a dedicated shelf for the Sandblaster SLS

Image 5: The Multi PHS features a dedicated shelf for the Sandblaster SLS. Source: Sinterit.

Moreover, the Sandblaster SLS features an integrated extraction socket that connects to an ATEX Vacuum Cleaner, enabling forced suction to create negative pressure within the cabin. This effectively prevents dust leakage and removes suspended dust, accompanied by an integrated light, large working window for optimal visibility, and a base grid designed with small 6 x 6 mm holes to prevent smaller parts from entering the abrasive tank. With two spray guns, including a fixed gun for general cleaning and a manual gun with a low-angle ceramic nozzle for precision work, the Sandblaster SLS complements Sinterit's compact SLS 3D printing solutions, ensuring efficient, clean post-processing while seamlessly integrating with peripheral devices.

Dedicated Powder Tools and foldable tray

The Dedicated Powder Tools offered by Sinterit encompass a range of accessories meticulously designed to streamline the 3D SLS printing workflow, working in tandem with other Sinterit peripherals like the Multi PHS. From the powder funnel ensuring convenient powder transfer to the trowel for efficient dust compaction, and an assortment of powder management and post-processing tools, including personal protective equipment and a binder for manual organization, this comprehensive set ensures a comfortable and efficient experience when working with Sinterit equipment.

The DPT kit and the foldable tray

Image 6: The DPT kit and the foldable tray. Source: Sinterit.

The Sinterit foldable tray, an essential accessory within the Sinterit SLS 3D printing workflow, facilitates efficient and tidy initial post-processing of printed parts. Its lightweight, compact foldable design enables easy storage and versatile use, functioning both as a surface for post-processing tasks and a storage solution for the Dedicated Powder Tools kit. This tray simplifies residue cleanup, allowing for seamless vacuuming or direct transfer of residual powder back into a bucket, contributing to an optimized and agile post-processing workflow.

Enhance your SLS workflow

The Sinterit post-processing set represents a comprehensive solution for enhancing the SLS 3D printing workflow. The Multi PHS, equipped with versatile features and superior powder recovery, streamlines operations across multiple materials and printers, ensuring high-quality prints. Paired seamlessly with the ATEX Vacuum Cleaner and powder separator, it optimizes material recovery and maintains reclaimed material in optimal condition for reuse. Additionally, the Sandblaster SLS, designed for fine powder containment, integrates with the Multi PHS and enhances post-processing efficiency. Completing the set, the Dedicated Powder Tools offer a range of accessories for precise handling and organization, while the foldable tray simplifies residue cleanup and provides a versatile surface for post-processing tasks, collectively ensuring an efficient and agile SLS 3D printing experience.

Manufacturer Sinterit
Properties of Multi PHS
Certifications CE / IEC Protection Class 1 / IP Code 30 / ATEX certification as Performance Set / II 2/3D II 2/3D Ex h IIIB T135°C Db/Dc
Weight 157 kg
166 kg (with Sandblaster shelf)
Package Weight 205 kg
Dimensions 1000 x 700 x 1700 mm
1426 x 700 x 1700 mm (with tube)
1800 x 700 x 1700 mm (with open lid)
Package Dimensions 1200 x 800 x 1580 mm
Workspace Dimensions 1100 x 600 mm
Unpacking Space Needed 1700 x 4200 x 2000 mm
Installation Space 1700 x 2200 x 1800 mm
Powder Capacity 20 L
Storage Space 70 L
Suction Inlet 40 mm
Noise Level Without vacuum: < 60 dB
Continuous Equivalent Sound Pressure Level (8 hours): 73.9 dB
Sound Pressure Level (A): 63.7 dB
Peak Sound Pressure Level (C): 81.4 dB
Sound Power Level (A): 79.6 dB
Power Supply 110/230 V AC, 47-63 Hz, 4.83/10.9 A, 80 W
Sinterit post-processing set 1x Multifunction Powder Handling Station
1x Magnetic Tool Holder with accessories (3D printed nozzles, noise-canceling headphones, dust cleaner, PVC brush, special brush for deep material change cleaning, cotton pads)
1x Sandblaster SLS
1x Atex Vacuum Cleaner
1x Separator
1x DTP Universal tool kit
1x folding tray


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